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  1. Hello everyone, First of all thank you for stopping by. I have a few things I would like to know about before starting my PPL. I'm planning to get my rating in San Antonio TX, and I found a school there called Helicopter Experts and they are part 141 they do one on one training, I don't know know the exact difference between part 141 and 61 as I will be pursuing a career out of this in the near future. I will be on a diplomat visa in the states for 13 months doing a power plant course at a US army base learning to be a helicopter mechanic, I'm already in the maintenance field fixing apaches but I will do more studies while in the states. My plan is since I have about a year and I want to get my PPL during this time, Will I be able to do it in say 12 months considering I have to attend the maintenance school from 7:30-14:00 5 days a week. I am willing tho to go to the flight training school daily until midnight if I had to (this shows how much I want to be a pilot). Can I do it in the 12 months I have there and I heard it is a bit complicated to start the training as I'm not a US citizen but it might be just complicated for those who already have a license and want it to be a FAA license holder. I don't hold one so I hope it won't get too complicated... If you've read this far from my topic I really appreciate it. Cheers
  2. Hey guys, I'm new to the flying side of aviation but not to the maintenance side of it as I am a powerplant guy fixing all military helps (AH 64e, S60, Chinook etc) I'm looking to get my PPL starting in March 2016, I'm going to be in san antonio for to do that but I don't know which to chose from, a school that offers one on one training (Helicopter Experts) or a big school that does fixed-wing as a main flight training as well as heli training called (Alpha Tango flight school), they only do classes not a one on one. Guys I need help really, even tho I'm in the aviation industry but people around don't know much about flying schools and which is better for a new guy trying to be a pilot. My goal is to work my way up to be a commercial pilot then go on from there, I've saved up all the finance for this and all I need is a good advice. I appreciate it if you've read so far. Cheers Yaser
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