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  1. To clarify, I was a medic in a complete different company when I was selected. So, you don't necessarily have to enlist with an Aviation unit.
  2. I was enlisted for just over a year when I was picked up. As far as street to seat, talk to a Reserve recruiter direct. You can find them at larger posts, for example Ft Hood. Reserve aviation is VERY small, so if there is a slot, a Reserve recruiter should know.
  3. Not to completely derail this exciting topic of conversation but I report to Rucker on Wednesday. Nervous is an understatement.
  4. Only a week away from reporting and I'm freaking out but I'll still be your friend.
  5. I was selected through the Reserve program. Here's a few things I've seen so far (I leave for WOCS 10 May, so much of this may not be correct): I originally though I was applying for an AD slot due to my lack of questioning the situation. I went through an Officer Accessions NCO for the Reserves, which should have been my first flag but I'm less than 2 years TIS, so I blame my naïveté on that. Doing it over again, I would have definitely talked to an actual AD recruiter. Perhaps you should at least look into that. Regarding what you mentioned about after training, I've always heard that it's nearly impossible until your contract is up. The reserves aren't going to spend all that money just to let you go. Adding to that, right now the only way to move over is to meet the requirements for AD, which at this point is for CW2 or higher for 160th. I'm honestly praying for mobilization of my unit after I finish flight school. I plan to at least ask once I get to Rucker about making the transition during any part of training. Good luck to you!! Definitely start with talking to an AD recruiter.
  6. I bet the new movement overseas has something to do with it...
  7. I thought I failed after the Simple Drawings section. Still ended up with a 62 out of nowhere.
  8. Oh gosh, I don't really remember but it was at least a month.
  9. Must be McGuire's which you speak of. I will definitely be spending some time there.
  10. Yes, my apologies. Most of the time my stories have no point any way.
  11. Shouldn't take all day. First part is all the stations: hearing, vision, etc. The second day you actually meet with the Provider and take an EKG. Neither day should take more than about four-ish hours.
  12. My Accessions NCO told me all I had to do was show up to the TMC at Ft. Sam as a walk-in. I get there at 0630 only to have them tell me they only did Part I on certain days. To my luck, they went ahead and worked me in with the BOLC class going through their PHA stations. Had no idea they were going to dilate my pupils though, that was a fun afternoon at work.
  13. Took me over a week but finally made it through that thread. I feel like my favorite tv show just ended and I am emotionally connected to each one of you.
  14. Reporting for WOCS 11 May and kind of freaking out. I'm such a perfectionist that the thought of not being completely prepared when I get there is terrifying me. I am not so much worried about getting through the course but the lead up to my report date has proven to my biggest challenge. Anyone else here have the same worries? How'd you get through the stress of preparing? Got my reservation for WOBC yesterday though! Class 17-01 starting in OCT! WOOO!
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