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  1. nah, I've been at my unit two years now. Just asking a broader pool of people.
  2. Hey what are y'all using for helmet bags? I'm looking to get one of the ones that I can wear as a backpack that will fit my alse gear and helmet. Maybe plates too? Thanks
  3. Did Kiowas still work with Apaches in pink teams like the hunter/killer teams of vietnam?
  4. Thanks for all the info guys. If the wife and kids come to see me graduate at WOCS, can that be considered the pcs move that the army pays for even if they start traveling (driving) a few days before I technically graduate? (household goods will be shipping separate)
  5. glad i wont be the only crusty 'ol woft guy in basic at Benning! Yamer we're "future soldiers". We don't even know what OPSEC means yet
  6. Anybody else ship to Benning end of February for basic? I report Feb. 21 with my WOCS date in May
  7. Got my WOCS date of May 11. Wife and daughter are staying with family. Will have a son born early June during WOCS. Household goods will ship from from Alaska once I graduate (I'm street to seat). When family comes down for graduation can they stay in TLF housing of some sorts while we wait for our stuff to come and get a house on base for WOFT? Wondering how to make it so they can can stay at Rucker (hopefully with me) upon my graduation even when all our stuff isn't here yet so they don't have to go back home with family and then make another trip. Any wisdom or insight from anyone as to how this works after WOCS?
  8. I have some friends up here in Alaska (Apache family) renting their house out in Enterprise. All I know is that it's been available and it has a pool. I can get you more info if you are interested. They are good people.
  9. Glad I got selected in between shindig 1.0 and 2.0. I feel like I'll have to make up for it later on in life though.
  10. Just got my official call from the army! Got selected!!! All I know is there were 3 non-selects out of about 20 on the civilian side
  11. Well, this is it! Its board week! If anyone hears about civilian results before I do, let me know so i can call my recruiter and have him look them up!
  12. I can confirm! Nightstalkers and Low Level He'll are definitely worth the read! I'm in the middle of Low Level Hell right now.
  13. good luck. You got this! When do civilian results usually come out in coincidence with the board?
  14. As someone ready to sign on the dotted line as soon as this November board is over with, I can say that I am relieved that my commander-in-chief will not be Hillary Clinton.
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