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  1. Thanks for the thorough response! I just assumed everyone moved prior to WOCS. I didn't realize everyone was bused to Cairns, either. Your home seems like what we're looking for. If it's still available in early May (looks like May 5 should be the end of WOCS) we'll definitely be taking a look.
  2. I'm scheduled to ship to BCT on December 27 and report to Rucker on March 17. That'll give us about 10 days to get everything squared away in Texas and move to Alabama. This will be our first move for the Army so I'd like to get as many ducks in a row as possible prior to shipping to basic. My wife and I have a Doberman so unfortunately we won't be able to live on base. We're expecting him to severely limit our available options off post as well so we're trying to get a feel for the various towns/communities surrounding Rucker so we aren't scrambling if our top area doesn't work out. I don't know much about Alabama or Rucker but our current plan is to focus primarily on eastern Enterprise and Daleville based on the little info we have. I found a thread from earlier in the year recommending the east side of Enterprise (Freedom Drive area) but I haven't found much on Daleville. It seems like it'd be easier to get on Rucker from the south and it's much closer to Cairns. Does Daleville have any negatives outside of it being a small town? Are there any other areas that we should consider? Ozark looks to be on the wrong side of Rucker and Dothan seems too far.
  3. I swore in and got my reservation yesterday and ship December 27th to Ft Jackson. March 17th for WOCS. I was really expecting late September to Sill but definitely didn't expect a ship date 5 months after selection.
  4. Age: 32 GT: 140 SIFT: 70 APFT: 272 Military: None Education: BBA in Finance LOR: O5 & O3 UH-60 aviators, Retired O5 and Active O4 (all Army and known since 2002 or earlier) Physical: stamped, no waiver
  5. I finally received official confirmation that I was FQS! Scheduled to swear in on Tuesday, 2 Aug.
  6. Who did your recruiter contact to get the results? My recruiter contacted the BN ops and he wasn't expecting results until mid next week and then tried HRC but they didn't have anything for him. Squids I'm on the list he has but I'd really like confirmation from someone before I start my happy dance.
  7. Apparently we're part of a select few that get to sweat it out for longer than necessary.
  8. I went by to see my recruiter this morning and neither he nor the ops guy had any knowledge of posted results. Is it against the rules for someone with the list to post it to the forum? If not, let's get that puppy uploaded!!
  9. I hope so. My battalion board has been scheduled since early May so I don't know what played into it being scheduled so late but I'm a little nervous about it as well. Lucky for me, my recruiter is on three weeks leave.
  10. Thanks Mike. I did my best to provide a sufficient answer to the question as concisely as possible. It's probably on the shorter side but I avoided using fluff so hopefully it'll work out well.
  11. Age: 32 GT: 140 SIFT: 70 APFT: 272 Military: None Education: BBA in Finance LOR: O5 & O3 UH-60 aviators, Retired O5 and Active O4 (all Army and known since 2002 or earlier) Physical: stamped, no waiver Battalion Board: Early July
  12. I assumed regular formatting and somewhat regular text but doesn't seem to be the strategy for everyone. I'm back to the drawing board expanding on almost everything.
  13. Edit: I'm back to the drawing board. I didn't realize the lengths applicants typically went to to fit as many words as possible in the essay.
  14. I completely agree that it does a poor job of comparing where you stand compared to other applicants. I should have made it more clear that I was referring to where you fell in relation to all test takers.
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