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  1. Not the exact numbers, but I these are the approximate numbers from what I remember two weeks ago: 72 class CO: 60M 1 WO: C-12 2 60M 26 64E 8 For the WO's, fixed wing were picked pretty early. 64E's were interspersed throughout the selection, with the 60M's being the only option for the lower 5 or so.
  2. I got eye surgery last year. You have to get PRK, and the wait time is 6 months in order to start the flight physical. I'm also pretty sure the cutoff is 20/50.
  3. Totally possible. You're also authorized to park up to four broken down POV's outside of it.
  4. Headed into the March 7 week course. What's the timeline like on stenciling? Do they give you time to knock it out during the down time in HHC?
  5. Yeah man! Can't wait to get down there and get going. What branch are you coming from?
  6. Yeah man, definitely get that PT score up. Otherwise it'll be that one thing that holds you back. Other than that, your stats look good. Also, get that CW5 recommendation! They should still be able to email when they're deployed.
  7. Congrats John! Seems like there aren't as many civilian applicants on here as there were for the last board. I'm AD, so waiting to hear back next week.
  8. Age: 27 SPC GT: 133 SIFT 66 30 college credits towards BS GPA- 3.4 120 Hrs serving as a door gunner in Afg LORs- My Company and Battalion Commanders, Retired Congressman from my state, CW5 Natl Guard flyer, and a CW4 I flew with. APFT- 292 Waiver - PRK One of the NCOs from the board called me today asking why there was a 2 on my ERB concerning the medical readiness for my eyes, but then spotted my medical waiver paperwork stating that they're good. Hopefully I'll get some news soon on my board results!
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