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  1. PM me contact info and Ill put it out to some guard guys I know in Texas.
  2. But with the details being fuzzy, this is how bad info gets spread. Ill get my buddies in ALE to take notes that I can pass along to you all.
  3. I intended to come here directly after the brief and post notes, but got busy. Now I cant remember the specifics. He mentioned something about warrant officers selected after a certain date would be the only ones affected by the policy change. Not sure if it was fiscal or calendar year.
  4. He does a brief with the graduating class their final week.
  5. ADSO will go to 8 years for rotary and 10 for fixed wing. This came from the CW5 proponents chief. He also mentioned attempting to modernize the flight pay scale. I cant remember the specifics on that, though.
  6. ADSOs are going up in the next year or two. 8 years-rotary 10 years-fixed
  7. Recently received a brief regarding accessions. Im not sure your situation, but they are trending away from taking 100% senior NCOs out of the prior service applicants. Its all about getting as much time out of you as possible. Theyve established quotas for each rank that they fulfill when selecting on boards.
  8. I know a guy who took at least four attempts at SERE.
  9. Today is my 1 year anniversary since graduating WOCS. It flew by!
  10. All of WOCS is this way. Just play the game and do the right thing and its an easy 7 (now 5) weeks.
  11. They failed day one and everyone passed the retest. We were actually a trial class that didnt get a practice, so there were actually two retest days. I want to say you just get recycled for a land nav failure, but Im not totally certain on that.
  12. All depends on the points you get. Most cards have points that are literally roadside. A few guys I know got some tough points or points incredible close to each other and they chose the wrong one. Dont make it hard on yourself, use the roads.
  13. At one time they had scaled back Lima classes, but now if youre going back to a guard unit with Limas it is almost assured you will be in a Lima class.
  14. Mike, youre going to have days where your whole class may not fly because there arent enough 72s to go around. Maintenance issues seem to be killing them right now. If they were to dissolve that last 67 class the problem would just be compounded.
  15. Ive never had an issue with gate delays. Ive loved living off post.
  16. Ive only met one LT down here who selected aviation in OCS. Majority are ROTC, then USMA.
  17. Shouldve stuck with helicopters. Not all of them suck like the 72.
  18. 1) Considerably (IMO) 2) Huge 3) Not familiar with ANG and each state seems to have their own process 4) Not sure 5) Not sure theres a better job in the army than a warrant officer aviator 6) Not at a unit yet so Ill defer to others. You constantly hear that its more than the typical one weekend a month/2 weeks a year commitment, however. 7) Ill defer to others with more experience 8) Ive heard of many ARNG aviators getting on with the airlines
  19. Theres a guy in flight school right now who washed out of the naval program and is going through as a lt. Believe hes reserves, maybe guard.
  20. If you have a roommate or wife working thats not too bad. Mikes wife is a nurse and will he making more money than him 🤭
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