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  1. You do all your real in-processing (CIF, APFT, half the stuff they have you get together on blackboard, stenciling, etc) as far as WOCS is concerned the first 5 days or so of the course. Between zero day and graduation is ~30 days including weekends, and I believe the ATRRS reservation is like 35 days. If you are there 2 weeks prior you'll have plenty of time to do your essays. Most people over-prepared for WOCS freaking out about the essays (myself included), getting every little thing done, etc. One of the few good parts of the course is Mr. Ortiz at HHC is very good about getting the incoming candidates set up.


    Have fun.

    You have your WOBC date, Mike?

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  2. Good morning!


    Currently working toward completing my packet for either a June (unlikely) or July board submission. Ive gone through MEPS, taken my ASVAB and SIFT exams and am now awaiting my flight physical. The thing Im hung up on are my letters of recommendations. I have some solid letters from previous or current employers but none of the ones that truly elevate my packet. That would be those from CW3+ and O3+. Thats where I hope to luck out and either receive a little guidance toward acquiring those or linking up and meeting with any said person (a member here) who can assist me. I have no flight or military experience but Im motivated and very excited about this opportunity. Im located in the Houston area and would be willing to travel 5 or so hours any direction to interview/network. Anything helps!


    APFT: 270

    AFQT: 88

    SIFT : 55

    Physical: awaiting

    Age: 29

    Education: Degree in CJ with a 3.17 GPA

    Located in the Houston, TX. area.


    Thank you!

    M. Trexler

    PM me contact info and Ill put it out to some guard guys I know in Texas.

  3. Can someone who was selected as active duty send me their resume please. I dont understand why I wasnt selected

    Recently received a brief regarding accessions. Im not sure your situation, but they are trending away from taking 100% senior NCOs out of the prior service applicants. Its all about getting as much time out of you as possible. Theyve established quotas for each rank that they fulfill when selecting on boards.

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  4. I know WOCS is the next goal in sight, but I can't help but worry about going through SERE. I'm not really looking for any information about how the course is ran. I am concerned about my mediocre land navigation skills and am worried that if I bomb it I won't even get a chance to go to flight school. How many chances do WOFT candidates get for SERE?

    I know a guy who took at least four attempts at SERE.

  5. Oh wow. Didn't expect land nav to take down people.


    Any suggestions for land nav or is it people that don't take it seriously?

    All depends on the points you get. Most cards have points that are literally roadside. A few guys I know got some tough points or points incredible close to each other and they chose the wrong one.


    Dont make it hard on yourself, use the roads.

  6. Hello,


    I am a street-to-seat WOFT candidate who is looking to network for letters of recommendation, or to meet someone that I can count on to be a strong military leadership mentor. I'm currently a federal employee at a Department of Energy National Laboratory, and I hold a leadership position in my daily role. My recruiters have been very helpful so far, but there have been some difficulties/delays because they have not been able to reach any of their previous CW3-CW5 contacts to ask for help in writing my letters of recommendation; I do not blame these Warrant Officers because none of them really know me.


    I would be happy to meet with someone in person, and I can go into more detail about myself via email as well. I am highly motivated and I have a deep sense of pride in eventually becoming a US soldier.


    Here are a few of my numbers:


    Age: 28

    Education: Bachelor's Degree in Chemistry/Minor in Materials Engineering (graduated college with a 3.43 GPA)

    GT: 133

    SIFT: 56


    I haven't officially taken the PT test yet, but I have been specifically working out for it 6 days/week, and I do climbing and jiu jitsu in addition to that. I would guess that I'm around a 285 currently, but I will be at 300 by the time I take the test.


    Thank you. I appreciate your time.



    Edit: Im located in Knoxville, TN

    Go Vols.


    Shoot me a PM with your email and contact info.

  7. 1) Considerably (IMO)

    2) Huge

    3) Not familiar with ANG and each state seems to have their own process

    4) Not sure

    5) Not sure theres a better job in the army than a warrant officer aviator

    6) Not at a unit yet so Ill defer to others. You constantly hear that its more than the typical one weekend a month/2 weeks a year commitment, however.

    7) Ill defer to others with more experience

    8) Ive heard of many ARNG aviators getting on with the airlines

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