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  1. A few of us that post here are beginning the B Co pipeline so I, and maybe others, will try to update with the most current info being put out.
  2. Guard. Fly the same without being around army bs constantly.
  3. It all depends on your states ability to secure a flight school slot. I had a for sure WOCS seat, but was on a shortfall list for flight. Luckily an opening came free just under a month post WOCS grad.
  4. Call HHC. They are trying to get some of these things fixed after the cluster that happened with my class.
  5. The depth perception test is rough for me as well. There are tips online for how to pick out the circles better. Not sure if it works or not, I always barely squeak by. What state if you dont mind my asking?
  6. If you decide to go Guard get in touch with your states warrant officer strength manager and get on their radar. Never know what they may say if they are hard up for a candidate.
  7. I dont think youd get street to seat with the guard without a degree and/or aviation experience. Your best bet for street to seat is active duty, but if you decide to take the enlistment option, either route works. Enlisting in the Guard would allow you to work on a degree full time to make your selection even more likely.
  8. I appreciate it. Sounds like that flight class date isnt mine then. Still holding out hope for the 67.
  9. Im not sure I know the difference. WOBC includes report date for SERE/Dunker? Because thats what Im sure my date is, even though she phrased it as flight school.
  10. That's interesting. Wonder if one of the dates is off because SERE isn't factored in. I'll just play the odds and learn 5 and 9 on the 72. Thanks a bunch for checking for me. I was hoping for 67, but the 72 is beneficial in its own ways.
  11. I wasn't told the number, but start date is 16 March
  12. I just received my flight school date from my state. Can anyone here find out if it's a 67 or 72 class?
  13. It's still there. Only aircraft they don't exhibit is an Apache.
  14. A lot of your answers will be found in the military forum on down the page. If you want helicopters you will want to do Army National Guard. Not sure if Air Guard even has helicopters. Maybe a couple search and rescue bases if I remember correctly. Whereas each state has an army aviation unit. Unless in very special circumstances you will have to enlist first to put in a packet for WOFT. You could always go CO if your state has a flight slot available, however. Selection rates are very high for active duty warrant officer flight training applicants right now. It'll vary state by state on the Guard side. To boost your chances: Get an education Meet and impress the right people Start getting a background in aviation, whether that's a fixed wing license, a job at an fbo where you can meet people, enlist into an aviation MOS, and be as physically fit as you can be. PT is what sets people apart in the army. On the Guard side, deployments depend on the political climate, but your state will also do rotations to spell out other states or AD units. Great opportunity to build flight time.
  15. I apologize if I was misleading haha. An article popped up during a search for elite army aviation units and I found it pretty interesting. I'm a National Guard guy so no chance of me ever getting that gig. Sounded neat, though.
  16. Anyone familiar with the 12th Aviation Battalion out of Belvior and what that assignment would be like?
  17. Thought it would be nice to have conversation and information centralized in one area. As a future army aviator in the National Guard, this definitely has piqued my interest. I just hope it's still available by the time I get the required hours. Would love for lindsey and others to chime in. I may go copy and paste their info from other threads as well.
  18. You leave the rank Velcro, correct? I'm getting my Velcro put back on this weekend.
  19. My monthly drill is a WOCS prep. We do strictly graded APFTs, rucks, and land nav each time.
  20. Congratulations. I've been following your posts since becoming a member and admire your resiliency in pursuit of this goal. Props to sticking with it, I was pulling for you.
  21. Any theories on what would allow this? http://theboot.com/troy-gentry-helicopter-crash-911-audio/
  22. Reading the material can get pretty dry, so to get it to click, I would watch YouTube videos on aerodynamics of flight. Study up on your high school level math, because that's mainly what the asvab and sift covers. I know it had been forever since seeing that for me. Start networking for those LoRs. If you don't know aviators, look up bases you may be close to. A resource that really helped me was an air ems base. Almost all ems helo pilots are former military or current guard.
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