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  1. I knew both parties involved. We'll call the one in the video Female 1 and the other Female 2... Both wanted Apaches hardcore from the beginning of primary. Female 1 was married and Female 2 was in the process of getting divorced. Mid-way through instruments Female 1 told the CO that Female 2 was cheating on her husband. They pulled female 2 from the course while the investigation was ongoing. During the investigation Female 2 provided evidence that Female 1 was actually the one cheating. Female 1 was then pulled from the course for the investigation. Female 2 got herself into trouble by skipping PT a number of days and avoiding duty. In the end Female 2 was set back a number of months and got some reprimands for the PT and other stuff but was let back into the course due to her being in the process of the divorce and it technically not being cheating. Female 1 was eventually dropped completely as the investigation led to some questionable character issues and some of the evidence from the investigation weighing towards the true side. As a 3rd party observer this whole thing began because they were both super competitive and wanted 64s. They both screwed themselves over by starting the whole thing.
  2. We exist is small number. Roughly 2-3 to a class every other month.
  3. Wondering if anyone is up in Wainwright or has been there? Looking for info B Co up there, housing, the winter, etc.
  4. I saw a guy today that had a 3" hard cover for the mini -10 and he said he got it at the hangar in Daleville.
  5. You can get smartwool socks on sale at gander mountain. I wear size 10-11 shoes and my feet fit in the XL socks which are always on sale.
  6. Love 2 Run in Dothan has the largest selection of quality running shoes and has a mil discount. Beyond that I'd look online. There aren't really any other places
  7. Yes you read that right... socks... What socks do you guys fly with? Everyone knows the regulation on socks is impossible to follow so I'm just curious what socks you guys fly with.
  8. I personally chose it because of aircraft capability (fly higher, further, faster & can land on water), mission set (things always need to be moved), and community (generally more relaxed and tight knit due to the smaller number of airframes).
  9. To get as close as to guaranteed 47s the only way is to go guard or reserves and find a unit with them. Even then I have seen people at selection get told their state is now switching them to 60s. Active duty side the best way is to get top in your class. If you do that you at least give yourself a shot. But there are very few 47s available each fiscal year. Over half the slots are given to foreign students/Guard/Reserve. It seems there is at least one 47 available every few classes. Some magical classes get several. Unfortunately there is no guarantee for any of the airframes though. There are some classes where only 64s are avilable and others only 60s. But I can solidly guarantee there will never be a class of only 47s.
  10. TODAY: # of acft and rank chosen LTs: 1 C12 (2) 1 47F (6) 2 64E (1,3) 0 64D 5 60M (4,5,7+) WOs: 1 C12 (2) 2 47F (3,6) 1 64E (5) 10ish 60M (1,4,7+)
  11. On post is great for the convenience of being close to all the training. But she can also get a decent condo off post in Enterprise for roughly $800 a month and save some money. As others noted she can get a roomate on post and save money as well. I know LTs in both categories. On post houses do have a decent sized backyard and dog park which is convenient. I chose on post for the convenience factor and I haven't had any issues. It helps when you have morning flight line or SDO shifts. And there is currently no wait for housing on post.
  12. I selected 47s not too long ago and I can tell you this: Get 100s on the academic tests. I was 2nd in my class and the individual who was #1 beat me on academic tests. I averaged mayebe 96ish and he scored 100s nearly every test but I scored maybe 4 points higher on every checkride and he smoked me in the OML. The academics add up in the long run and check rides are too subjective.
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