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  1. I more or less just got 6 knowing they might not all be looked at but if they see 3 incredible ones and see 3 more great ones that might just give me a little bit of a edge for the board.
  2. after 2 years of trying to put this packet in, I am hopefully; depending on some information, going to try for the September board. Age: 26( in 9 days) GT:115 SIFT: 51 APFT: 270 Education: 42 credits towards Information Technology 4.0 GPA Military: 4 1/2 years AD Navy (ABF3) no flight hours Flight Physical: had one stamped and no waivers have to redo due to not being able to submit my packet yet. LOR's: 06 CH-60B, 04 E-2/D-2, 04 E-2/D-2, 03 F/A-18, CW4(RET) UH-60 and working on a CW5 right now somewhat worried with how low my SIFT was but nothing I can do about it. anywhere else I can strengthen my packet I would love some input on.
  3. hey everyone, being that people will be posting stats and what not for this selection board soon i just thought i would give yall a little help. I will start with the "posting stats" - the SIFT and GT scores is only a check point in the applicat for selection. many people seem to think that if they have a low SIFT score or low GT score they are losing their chances of getting selected. coming from the Warrant Officer Recruiting 153A cooridnator, the only Stat that matters is your APFT. the average "officer" is scoring roughly a 271 however if you score below that please do not feel discouraged. this score is there to make sure you will phyically be able to pass future APFT's and keep up if you will during training. I know im not the fastest of runners however I run half marathons so I am more about pace running. From my understanding one of the biggest aspects of your packet will indeed be your LOR. having someone who may be important to you may not be as important to the board. make sure you are not shooting for the bare 3 unless they are very impressive. from everyone i have spoken with that has either been selected or is currently an officer has enphasized on how much the LOR can carry. The packet itself can be challenging to build. I have run into so many "speed bumps" through the process that at this point im praying my hard work doesnt just go to waste. when writing your "why I want to be an US Army Warrant Officer Aviator", make sure you write about exactly that as dumb as that may sound. I have looked at several packets that have been both selected and non selected, from what I have seen the essays that focus on what you have to bring to the Army as a Warrant Officer seem to do better. I understand some of you reading this might wonder why someone who hasnt even been boarded is telling you this. The reason being is that this packet has been both a challenge for me and an inspiration to keep pushing. im coming from another branch which to me feels like im already under anyone that is already AD in the Army. however if I can spread even the smallest amount of help to those pursuing the same dream as me I am more than happy to help. I have done research for this program for almost a year now and it is a great feeling to finally be able to submit. I wish good luck to every candidate applying!
  4. So the new uniforms that almost all recruiters are wearing is the new uniform. The digital print is the "operation enduring freedom" ones according to army times. These are said to be more "beneath able" and better camouflage for the terrain currently operating in. Any one AD army please correct me if I am wrong this is just what I have read on army times
  5. Well this escalated quickly lol anyone here AD navy applying?
  6. Yeah I agree I want to be in an Apache more than anything but if it's a helicopter I want to be in it
  7. Hell I hope we all make it to Rucker the only rivalry I want is the airframes we choose!!
  8. Lol I wouldn't go as far to say that. I know plenty of DCman and they arnt the brightest crayon in the box. Not to mention the fact that the whole ship gets qualified to do your job. Come talk to me when you work on a flight deck with the big boys haha that's where the magic happens
  9. Hey I'v been building this packet for 9 months lol I'm finally almost done just waiting on paper work back from my chain of command. You going as AD or civilian
  10. Is anyone else having issues getting on the usarec website for downloads and what not?
  11. i know there is a bit more time in till this board happens however being that submission for this one is due in 2 months so just wondering who all might be going in to this board?
  12. Took about 2 months for me and now it's about to expire so sending up another.
  13. The rest of my packet is looking good I just don't have any college and I'm applying as active duty from the navy. I really just hope to get picked up. I did a uh60 flight sim on the naval base I work at that the pilots use to train and they said I did really good. First experience in the cockpit and I was able to land a few times and everything!
  14. I feel like I did so bad on my test got a 47 idk why I bombed it so bad
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