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  1. This is good stuff! I really appreciate those of you with the knowledge and experience sounding off and correcting the things that I had put in that document. As I've said, this is a compilation of my lessons learned and my lessons continue to be learned. I don't expect this document to ever be in anyway complete, as I hope that as a (hopeful) professional aviator, my learning is never complete. I have made the changes in it to incorporate the definition of cross country time and it's distinction for use for an aeronautical rating; as well as the rest of the 61.51 covering the logging of
  2. iChris - you're absolutely right, I've never seen that before, a very interesting distinction. Thank you!
  3. So since we're breaching the discussion, I've seen the big distinction is in how civilians typically log their time via the hobbs meter which, if you're going by the FAR is incorrect. This would probably make sense for the 1.3 multiplier. But with the military logging from takeoff to engine shutdown, and the civilian from moving under its own power to coming to a rest after landing, it really brings the difference down to almost nothing. In response to napoleonpp - Congratulations on making RL1. The way I'm reading the FAR, it doesn't specify that you have to be the sole manipulator of th
  4. Making or planning to make the military to civilian transition? Don't make the same mistakes I have - I've made a lot of them so it's a long one. Everything in here is based on personal opinion and experience. Just hoping to help my fellow veterans.
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