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  1. Who lives where what do you guys recommend for off base.
  2. I am not in but started lurking this sight when my kid branched aviation. But I have read all of the Brotherhood books as well as the Corps series by the same author. Buy far the best fiction military books I have ever read. After you get past the first chapter you cant put them down.
  3. I thought I would throw this out there for guys who are heading to Rucker for the first time with family. It might possibly save some trouble. I recently helped my kid PCS to Fort Rucker. He was slightly ahead of me and went through the gate to go to the Covius office to get keys. We were told ahead of time anyway that he could not get me through the gate as CAC card was expired. I had to go to the reception center to get a visitors pass. Pulled into the Daleville gate reception center and was told outside there was no place to stop and park as I had a pickup with a U haul trailer. Asked where I could go and I got a shrug. Ended up parking at the aviation store outside the gate where they were very nice and helpful. Walked a few city blocks back to the reception center and had to wait in line for 40 minutes to get my pass. Then walk back to get my truck and go back to reception wait in line again to get it searched. Not complaining, although the "guards" are a far cry from the days when an MP gave you a crisp salute coming onto a military base. Just want to make people aware. If you are on a really tight schedule you need to factor in extra time. When I got the pass I was good to come and go for the duration of my visit. Stay safe.
  4. So can anybody recommend a GOOD CrossFit place on or close to base.
  5. What do brand new 2nd LT or Warrants do when you know your going to be at Rucker for maybe 2 years re; your drivers lic and vehicle reg. Do you officially change it all or just leave it in your home state.
  6. Can anybody tell me what airport out of town folks fly into to get to Rucker
  7. Greetings, I stumbled on this forum a while ago. Thank you all for your service. My kid gets her butter bar this spring and then at some point heads to Rucker for BOLC and then helo school. I am just doing a little research in anticipation of helping her move. Could you guys chime in with where most of you live. On post vs off post. Prices in town convenience, conditions etc. She will be taking her dog with her so that will play in to decisions. Thanks for any input. Fly safe
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