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  1. Hey fellas, got my dates pushed back so now I'm in the following course dates: Course Number: 911-09W (DL), Phase 1 Course Number: 911-09W, Phase 2, Course Title: WARRANT OFFICER CANDIDATE, Class 006, Report date 2018-01-24 End date 2018-03-01 Course Number: 2C-WOBC-CC-A, Phase , Course Title: AVIATION WOBC (COMMON CORE) (PART A), Class 011, Report date 2018-03-11 End date 2018-03-30 Let me know if anyone else is in this class, good luck everyone!
  2. Thank you very much for that link. Just checked it and I am confirmed for the 18-501 phase 2 course. I am Air Force and would have never known to look there and didnt get any emails (maybe because my AKO expired years ago?), but it was cool that my AASLT and other army courses were listed, never knew they were tracked. Now for the issue, I have emailed two different org boxes at Rucker but not sure if they are the right ones since I never rx a response. I'm currently deployed till September and don't think that is enough time to PCS my family there and do phase 2. Does anyone have a good
  3. Does one need an AKO to receive these emails? I still have heard nothing, I even wrote a week ago about my situation (currently deployed) asking for the first class in Jan if able, but think they are still so busy with all of this to get back to me yet. Just making sure I don't need an AKO or if the email I out on my application is the one they use. Silly question I know.
  4. General curiosity as I'm still waiting for these emails. Did anyone receive these class dates via a non-AKO account? I am waiting for a buddy to sponsor me since mine was deactivated many years ago and only have a AF.mil account. I'm guessing they are sending them via the email I provided on my packet, but figured I would ask the group.
  5. Bro! I can't attend the Oct either and trying to get that same class. When did you get notified and did you have to change it to the Feb or was that their first option for you? Ugh, I know they are busting their ass but I can't wait to nail down this schedule. Still waiting on my first email.
  6. That's good news they created that class. Confirm this is the start date for phase 1 correct? Unfortunately I don't think that date will work with my current deployment but maybe I'll see ya'll in WOFT or elsewhere. Going to try and request first thing 2018, whatever is available. On another note, anyone here married that will be bringing their family/spouse? I've been told to try and stay on base, especially when you start flying based on travel time and flying schedule. For those who aren't married or bringing family, is it possible to stay on base, whether it's Housing or Barracks
  7. Look forward to the email, but I'm deployed until August so will need to work with them regarding class dates. Also need to get in touch with them so I can confirm that I don't need any basic training coming from a battlefield airman AFSC, per the website I should be able to go right past that part. I was planning on waiting for an email to contact HRC, but should I jump the gUn and advice them of my current deployment? Again, I should be home mid Aug. Thanks CG for looking out.
  8. Still waiting to find out but so far from the website and words passed from two guys that have went through from my AFSC withing the last year or two, I should be able to skip SERE (thankfully kept that certificate) since we go there right out of tech school, and get to skip BCT since we happen to be one of the USAF careerfields that get to bypass it. As for phase one, I am still 50/50. A guy I'm talking to currently going through said it should be an option to bypass it with me completing NCOA/Course 15 (required to make E7 in the Air Force) but I'm still looking for further confirmation.
  9. Question, as an AD USAF who doesn't need BCT, phase 1, or SERE, would I just show up for phase 2 than follow on to B Co for the dunker? If so, what's the next step, just right into flight training?
  10. Actually deployed right now so I just walked up to the first army guy I saw and asked for an E7 haha. I thought as a TACP that the one from my unit would suffice but they made me redo it.
  11. Are you active duty or civilian? Just seeing if that matters. I'm AD USAF and still waiting for my class date. Congrats btw!
  12. Made it! That wait was killing me. I am stoked! Now what?! haha Guess I need an AKO so they can contact me eh?
  13. This is correct for sister service as well correct? And is there any option that you know of to not have that happen and instead treat it as a TDY? Wife landed an awesome GS job but needs to stay there 4 years to finish out the contract, so it would be ideal to keep here there if that is an option, with BAH there.
  14. Any idea when the MILPER message will drop?
  15. Curious on timing, I'm overseas with an indefinite deros (hawaii). If I get selected and go to this Jan 2018 WOCS class date, will my wife stay in Hawaii under Hawaii BAH or do we PCS both to Alabama? Is this a PCS or considered a TDY?
  16. Just spoke with my regional recruiter and he checked on mine, it shows for me at least that it has not been reviewed but am still in board ready status. I am sister service though, so I may be at the end of the line, not sure how they do it. Good luck to all, glad to see so many getting selected already.
  17. Wait, is that 22/22 total applicants or just 22 Intra-Service? This includes sister service? I'm soo happy right now but can't verify anything lol, stuck out here with no phone!!
  18. I am anxious to find out, I just hope they email me as my phone is shut off while I'm deployed! Good to see results are already being pumped out but nerve racking knowing the only way I'll find out is next week during the MilPers Message. When do they do sister service selections? Or does it matter since it seems that active duty are being notified already during the civilian phase?
  19. Congrats to him and your family, he had a strong package for sure. What a great surprise!
  20. Upload the 368 and the Letter of Interest to vMPF under voluntary separations. Choose officer training program and set the date for 6 months from the day you are uploading (should cover a few months past the board so you have time to know if you are selected. Once done, this will go to base separations and forwarded to your functional for approval. I am in a critically manned career field and was approved so I'm sure you will be approved if you aren't in one. Took about 10 days and got an email from AFPC, which I included in my packet with my 368.
  21. You said 45 or so get selected, does it say how many usually apply. Looking for a generic selection rate.
  22. Oh yes, I captured it there as well, just added certificates for proof since there is no other way they would know most of that stuff since the air force doesn't care about jungle school, air assault, etc. Just being thorough.
  23. I've done a few army schools plus tech school. So Air Assault, Jungle school, Arctic survival, SERE, EMT-b, ALS, ccaf, course15, tech school, etc. Literally anything you think can help you. Maybe not ADLS haha.
  24. Sorry to hear J4C, I would ask the same as GSD if you selected officer accession program. AFPC approved mine a few days ago and I think TACP is also on the min manning list, but I could be wrong. I think mine went straight from my base to AFPC based on the auto emails I received. On another note, I just put in my packet a few hours ago, so now it's wait time. Was anyone else's packet 85 pages? I'm a sister service so a good chunk of it was EPR's and certificates since those don't get reflected the way the Army does it with their ERB.
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