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  1. Not sure if I quoted correctly, guess we will find out... Just wanted to make sure I understood correctly, on the checklist about half way down, it says DD Form 368 on there. Maybe it's new? Also, you are correct about it being quick, just got notified about it being approved by my base authority and was pushed to AFPC. So I'll give it a few days than get a hold of them. I'm deployed though so I need to track down a good DSN for them. Anyone have one by chance?
  2. All I'm waiting on is approval from AFPC for my voluntary separation. Not sure if my DD368 has to be signed by them before being included in my packet, or if my commanders approval will suffice since I am a sister service.
  3. Good Afternoon, I didn't see a forum started for the May 2017 board so here goes: Age: 29 Degree: 90 credit hours towards Auronautics Degree with Embry-Riddle. Associates in applied science/information systems complete. GT: 118 SIFT: 64 AFPT: 258 Flight Physical: Stamped and good to go Flight Time: None really, 3 hours in Apache Sim Military: 10 years USAF LORs: Capt - Active duty B-52 Navigator/Flight Commander Chief Warrant Officer 5 - Active Duty (Unsure background at time of writing) Lt Col - Active duty F-15 Pilot/Prior F-117 Pilot/Squadron Commander Col - Pavelow Pilot/Unit Commander
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