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  1. I hope everyone had a great Mothers-Day, and from the above ^ looks like I missed a lot over the weekend, haha. Anyway I passed all my finals, now I can focus all my energy on completing my packet. The only things left on my checklist is SIFT, AFPT, and a flight physical. Patience and persistence has paid off this semester, and now to keep up the hustle.
  2. I would definitely call that extraordinary. They still make you do a PT test like that?
  3. This is an older thread so I'm wondering if this information is still current. I have a secret clearance for the Air Force that is not due to expire for another 4 1/2 years. I have read in a few places both "yes it is good" and "no the Army will need another one" and so on, with my former recruiter siding with the latter statement. Hotdogs answered this question with a good amount of detail, but that information is two years old. Have any of the other recent prior service members had to get an updated clearance? One less pile of paperwork and one less step to accomplish is worth its weight in paperwork...and steps. Thanks
  4. Very well said. I've been fighting this battle myself and is one of the reasons I have decided to switch over to what Lindsey once called "the real military".
  5. Start combing through this forum reading everything you can, EVERYTHING, even if it doesn't seem relevant. Little tidbits of information can weave themselves into unrelated threads. A vast majority of your initial questions you may have can be answered by looking through Lindsey's guide and if it isn't in there then it will surely be in the other sticky threads. Once you have exhausted that start using the search function. Good luck.
  6. Congratulations, Lindsey, it has been interesting to read all the updates from the beginning until now that you have posted on your journey and I'm glad to see you make it. Thank you for all your hard work you have put into helping people on this forum, it is inspiring and motivating.
  7. Pretty much. The CV-22 is astonishingly expensive and complex, so more sim time and less flying time couples with a high washout rate. Personally, I think it should have been more of a display of technology than an actual operational aircraft, though I have heard strong arguments supporting why it was needed.
  8. AFSOC used to require prior flight experience, with some units requiring you to at least have your instructor tab in your respective career field. However lately they have been drawing from initial entry. Take some 18 year old kid and ship him to a special operations CV-22 mission straight out of basic training, or for the HH-60 mission, and the chance of failing is astronomical. At least now they are getting initial flight experience and experience working with air-crews before they are dropped into fast paced training.
  9. From what I understand this is their fundamentals course for their Special Missions Aviators, which is a fancy word for gunners and special operations crew members in the Air Force. These guys preflight, weight and balance, and a host of other things. So basically they are just going through initial training before they move on to their specific airframe.
  10. So I'm a little behind the curve here but what's the deal with Firebirds? Is it one of those ridiculously over the top gung-ho high-speed low-drag high and tight military movies that's laughably annoying?...and should it be watched at least once?
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