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  1. For anyone whose recently been to WOCs. When you report to rucker 10 days prior to in process post are you living in the barracks from that point on or are you still allowed to be with your family until your class starts?
  2. I was selected on the July board, AD and got class 19-014. Im stuck with mine but let me know if anyone has luck requesting an earlier date.
  3. Crossing my fingers for something sooner than 9 months..
  4. Selected! Anyone AD know how far out class dates usually are?
  5. I wish the AD results posted that quick. Congrats to everyone who has been selected on the civilian side!
  6. Age: 24 GT: 115 SIFT: 62 APFT: 275 LOR: O-3, O-5, CW5 Flight Time: None Education: 37 credits towards AA Physical: Good to go Military: SGT/E5. Going on 5 years in the Army. 1 deployment. Second time submitting, we will see how it goes! Fingers crossed.
  7. If anyone on the AD side of things has successfully updated their packet and would like to point me in the right direction on how to do it correctly, it would be appreciated. My recruiter is constantly TDY and I'd like to do it right the first time.
  8. Lets just hope that its up tomorrow! I would also rather not wait a whole weekend!
  9. So the May board the results were posted the Wednesday after the board ended. Hopefully we find out by then, Friday at the latest. The anticipation is driving me nuts!
  10. AD over here getting antsy, wishing the list came out as fast as the civilian one! Congrats to everyone who got that FQ-S!
  11. The only accompanied AIT I know of is EOD school. The last 40ish weeks of phase 2. So it is a thing, just not sure how many others do it.
  12. Age: 22 GT: 115 SIFT: 62 APFT: 275 Military: E-4, Active Duty EOD 3 years TIS Education: None LOR: CW4 SOAR, BC, COCDR Physical: stamped, no waiver Getting some mixed feelings reading posts from the May board results. July will be interesting to say the least. Just hoping for the best, good luck to everyone!
  13. For everyone who shared their personal study habits on the SIFT, thank you! I feel prepared and will be taking it 17 MAR. (Thursday ) I scored a 62! The the math was more than I anticipated, but I am happy with the result. I will be finishing my physical next week and hope to submit a packet for the July board! Thanks again.
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