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  1. Forgot to post my update on here. I was selected on the civilian side. I went to MEPS last week. I've been out of the Army for 5 years now, so I have to go back to basic training haha. The upside to this is that I'm going back in as an E-5 (got out as an E-6, but didn't have time to finish ALC by the time I got out.) I go to Benning on May 23rd, start basic on the 31st, and have a WOCS date of August 11th. BCT the first time was in 2004, so this should be interesting. MEPS let me know that I could decline the entire thing if I didn't want to go to basic again. I laughed and told them t
  2. So my recruiting BN says they don't have the list yet. Anybody want to give their BN info so I can tell my recruiter which BN may have the list.
  3. Still haven't heard anything from my recruiter. I told him the list is out. He said he would check today, but he's not at work today. I might just have to call the BN myself, but after seeing those numbers, I'm nervous.
  4. I hope this all works out well for you. I'm confident that you can do an interview with an aviator warrant. I think the LORs are the only possible reason for a non-select in your case. Your other stats are so competitive.
  5. Just my .02 here. If my memory serves me right, there are two active duty CABs in Texas. One is at Ft. Hood in Killeen, and the the other is at Ft. Bliss in El Paso. Each of those CABs will have a Command Chief Warrant Officer that is most likely a CW5. If you contact the Brigade and make your intentions known, they might just put you in contact with that CW5. If he/she agrees to, you might find yourself being interviewed by them for a LOR. Additionally, they may be able to set up other interviews with senior aviator warrants in the Brigade. It may sound like a big leap, but the answer
  6. I like your suggestion, Lindsey. I think I'll have to call the BN myself. This process has been so sketchy up to this point, that I'm not even able to confirm that my packet was even at the board. If anybody has access, or knows a willing recruiter with access to the list, feel free to contact me and I'll give you my name.
  7. Is it safe to say, then, that the entire list of civilian applicants has been published and sent out to the respective recruiting BNs? My recruiter said he was gonna check for me starting next Wednesday, but jeez that's a really long wait haha.
  8. Steve0, I know I don't have to say it, but your stats look good...at least to me. Was this your first or second look? Could just be hearsay, but I've heard that flight experience doesn't matter. I have heard LORs do help, but again, that could also be hearsay.
  9. Haven't heard anything from my recruiter yet. So nervous.
  10. I wasted six months working with the Savannah, GA recruiting office. Nothing was being done. I contacted a recruiter in Beaufort, SC, and suddenly the ball started rolling. The Savannah recruiter had been reassuring me that everything was being taken care of. I provided him with no less that six hard copies of my DD214, and probably another four scanned copies. When I went to pick up my packet from them, they had a folder for me, and no joke, it was completely empty.
  11. Wow. I have serious doubts that my packet actually even made it to the board. My recruiter told me it's there, but there have been so many times now where things have been good, only to get a last minute call telling me that they needed this or needed that. Just waiting on word still at this point. I really hope your packet didn't get rejected for that fine.
  12. Does USAREC notify civilian applicants, or does the applicant's recruiting BN?
  13. Decided I could post my stats on here to get some opinions. Age: 29 GT: 110 SIFT: 50 APFT: 284 Civilian Ed: BS in Aeronautics, Minor in Management, 3.2 GPA Military Ed: WLC, Phase 1 BNCOC, USMC Corporal Leadership Course ETSd in Feb. 2011, Honorable, 6years 8 months total time, left as an E6 15H (hydraulic mechanic) LORs: O-6 (Current 1st AVN BDE CDR) O-4 (Current MEDEVAC CO CDR) CW5- 60 driver. Flight Experience: None Flight Physical: Stamped Waiver: 2. One waiver approved for allergy to sulfa medication, another waiver approved for G6PD deficiency (can't take primaquine for anti malaria tr
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