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  1. Are age waivers typically the hardest type of waiver to get? If someone had slightly higher BP or flat feet, would getting a waiver for that generally be easier?
  2. That's the attitude I plan to have. Also, if I'm already enlisted in my home state's Guard unit, can I apply to another state's WOFT program (if I get denied by my home state)?
  3. I spoke to a warrant recruiter and he said the NGB never has and never will waive someone over 35 no matter what state they are from. He said they might waive if you're 33/34, but no more. So he said they NEVER have and advised to not bother wasting me time (WTF!). Was that 41 y/o in WOCs definitely going to flight school and not becoming a technical warrant in some other field?
  4. Good Lord. Was he a pilot from another branch or a complete newbie? How recent was this?
  5. Thanks, I'll definitely check out the Guard. I also read online this morning that someone who was 40 got approved an age waiver in the Guard (they must be joking?). I've already begun work on my packet but still have a ways to go. Just how far north of 35 have you seen?
  6. Is it more likely to get a waiver in one of the reserve components or does it not matter?
  7. True, I won't know until I try. But have you seen it be done before for someone in my age bracket?
  8. I'm former enlisted STS - Sonar Tech in the Navy and always have wanted to fly military but my vision prevented years ago. I now have corrected 20/20, but the Navy has shut the door due to my age. I'm 35 now, 6 yrs prior service with a dual masters (MBA + computer engineering, B avg). I've been told the Army might give me a shot. Is there any truth to this? I've read where some have gotten age waivers in the past. I'd like to go Active, if possible, but certainly open to Reserves.
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