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  1. I am sir, hopefully if everything comes back on time! lol
  2. All of the sister service applicatnts have a question for you...when you did your release you had to route it up through your chain of command and eventually up even higher. First off was it hard to get approved? And second did you put it before you submitted your package and after or just before?..thanks
  3. Well got 54 on my test! Math was brutal...just happy I passed and and a little above average haha thanks to everyone who have advice or helped in any way! Putting my package in for the Sept board
  4. I took my asvab last Friday and take my SIFT exam Thursday. Got my GT score to what i needed now I'm ready to just get this sift exam over with. I have been looking at people who have been getting selected or are going up for the boards. Is it true from someone who has been selected or has a strong package that your sift sets you apart and flight time in the civilian world?
  5. I am currently active duty Navy, and about to take my SIFT exam next month. I wanted to reach out and see if any one had some tips or tricks of the trade when it comes with studying for it. Especially hidden figures, helicopter knowledge, and mechanical section. Thanks and have a good day!
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