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  1. So, met with my recruiter again Friday. Basically asked him when he wants to set up the flight physical. After I asked him, he said I had to go to a regular MEPS station and get a physical before I went to get my flight physical from a flight surgeon. This didn't sound right to me, so hopefully, someone here has an answer to that. This is his first time having a woft hopeful. Thanks!
  2. Appreciate it! Unfortunate that you got talked out of it last time, glad you're back at it again.
  3. Definitely. I'll shoot you a message once I go so you can mention it to your recruiter. I had the same thoughts. I really didn't want to drive super far if I didn't need to and have to stay the night. Especially since it'll be around the time my semester for college is coming to a close. January is the goal so far as long as I can get my LOR's in the time frame I plan to. If you don't mind me asking, are you using any study books in particular for the SIFT? I haven't taken it yet and was going to wait until I pass the physical before studying. On top of that, I've been studying to boost my GT score for the asvab, so haven't even looked at anything related to it yet.
  4. I'm in Fort Myers, FL. Dang, that's even further than Rucker.
  5. I owe you one. Just talked to the recruiter today, and said we should be able to head over there instead of Ft Rucker. Just saved me 5hrs worth of driving. You're the man!
  6. I'm going to be setting up my flight physical here in a couple of months and am curious if any flight surgeons can do the physical in Florida. I live in South Florida, and my recruiter is saying the closest surgeon is in Georgia/Alabama (not clear which one). If I have to travel that far, I will, but if I can avoid an 8-hour drive, I'd be a lot happier. Thanks!
  7. Last week, I had a couple of wisdom teeth removed. I knew these two would more than likely be questioned during the flight physical, so I had them popped out. After the pulling, the dentist told me he had to leave a small piece of the bottom tooth in because it wouldn't come out and it won't cause me any problems anyway, so there was no need to keep digging at it. I searched all over the forum and hadn't found any answers for this kind of situation. I know they will more than likely notice it when I get dental looked at, so is this something that they will make a fuss about or will they have the same mentality as my dentist? I, of course, could bring in a note from the dentist if needed. Thanks!
  8. So, I'm about to start the process and am planning my flight physical for next month. I have to drive far for my physical, so I want to make sure everything goes smoothly. I've been reading just about everything I can on this forum, but can't seem to figure out one answer. About three going on four years ago I ended up contracting a bacterial infection. It was cleared with antibiotics. Nothing too crazy. When I go in for my physical, will the doctor have my medical records and see this bacterial infection that was treated? I was told by my recruiter it's nothing to worry about and they won't have records of anything I don't tell them about medically. Other than that I'm fine, but I want to make sure I don't go in and get asked why I didn't mention this and not provide records for it. Also, I understand the HIPPA Act situation, but just want to be 110% sure. I don't know if it's different being a flight physical. Thanks!
  9. I was doing some soul searching yesterday on all the medical standards that I need to meet, what can disqualify me, etc. I never realized until yesterday how big of a deal acid reflux is in the military. I mean, who would have guessed a little bit of extra acid could disqualify someone. That is beside the point. So my main question/story is: I was diagnosed with a bacterial infection called H Pylori. It's a bacteria found in dirty water and in fecal matter. I handled, kept, and bred reptiles for a quite a few years. Long story short, I ended up contracting H Pylori. What is does for those who are unaware is cause an increase in acid causing acid reflux and gives you ulcers. I ended up getting an ulcer. Once I was diagnosed, no more than a month later I was cleared of everything after some Prilosec handled the ulcer and some antibiotics took care of the bacteria. I don't take any medicine what so ever or have a problem with acid reflux. It was only when I had the bacteria. I contacted my recruiter today talking to him about it. Of course, as I expected, he told me I didn't have to say anything at MEPs, and I should be fine as they don't look hard into your medical history. I don't want to deal with the consequences nor lie about an issue I had in the past if I were to get caught. I know being dishonorably discharged will completely screw any career you want. I told him this, and he said to bring in a document stating from your doctor it was just an infection, you took care or it, aren't taking any medicine now, and you are completely cured of it. Also, some medical documents. I am assuming I am going to get a waiver. If anyone knows, is this something that would disqualify me at a flight physical and is it something that would even need a waiver considering it was just like a virus. Took some medication and it went away. I want to make sure I am not making a big deal about nothing as this has me EXTREMELY worried. Thank you in advance!
  10. So I have decided instead of enlisting and then applying, I am going to apply as a civilian due to statistically I read my chances are higher of being selected. That being said, what advantages can I obtain that would up my chances other than good test scores? I have a year of college completed and plan to do extra classes this summer. Also I plan to start getting flight hours at my local airport. Is there anything else I can do that the board would like to see and see as a plus? Open to all input. My recruiter is getting all the info and should be starting the packet soon. Also if there is any tips or info anyone can give me on the whole process I would seriously appreciate it. I have looked around the internet for info like this, but have not found much except for a couple things here and there. I could just suck at looking, but I'd rather ask than continue to look and fail. Thanks everyone!
  11. I'm sure this is my best bet, but I am looking for information on becoming an Army Pilot. I have been talking to a recruiter this past week as I am getting closer to wanting to join, but he seems not to know to much about the whole process based off the info I have read. Based off of what my recruiter says my best bet is to become a repairer/mechanic for one of the four main helicopters. Once I get the experience it will give me a foot in the door to get a good chance at being selected into the program. Now based off of the goarmy website this isn't really the case, but I wasn't supplied much info there either other than a website about the WOFT school and packet. No info on the direction I should go. That being said, I would love some more info on what I need to do. Should I wait and take some flight courses and then apply as a citizen, or should I enlist in an aviation mos and then build experience to then apply. I'm really looking for my best chance possible since helicopter pilot has been my main objective since the thought of the Army and Air Force has crossed my mind. Thank you in advance!
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