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  1. Just went through basic at Benning in February with an AF E6. You will have separate barracks and will have more privileges (phone, no bay inspections, post pass, etc.). However you will still have to do everything the lower enlisted will, and have to present yourself in a manner that an E6 would. You will be paid at your appropriate rank.
  2. Street to seat selectee here(Jan board). Just went to MEPS to sign my papers, received a basic date for 02/25. I was not expecting a date so soon! Im curious what dates the other civilian selectees received.
  3. I believe you get a class date when you report to MEPS, I go on Wednesday and Ill report what I get.
  4. AGE: 26 ASVAB AFQT/GT: 99/143 SIFT: 64 APFT: 283 EDUCATION: Associate in Arts 2.3 GPA FLIGHT: 115 hours, Private rotary and fixed wing BOARD: N/A LORS: 03 Blackhawk pilot/civilian flight instructor, 18B 7th SFG E6, Manager of civilian job OTHER INFO: Moral waiver for underage consumption of alcohol at 18 SELECTED: Yes, Jan 2019 board
  5. Selected. Thank you everyone on this forum for help. There is no way I could have done it without you!
  6. The general military forum here would be a more appropriate place to post this. Do you live near a military base(reserve or active) with an aviation regiment? Call and ask for an interview. You may get denied a few times or told to go away but keep at it. Im currently being boarded thanks to cold calling military bases around me. Your PT score is important for civilians, make sure you get 270+ minimum. Where do you live? Im on the east coast in NC, I would be more than willing to introduce you to the warrant officers I have met.
  7. Moral waiver was just approved, it appears I just may make it onto this board. Civilian with no prior service. ASVAB/GT: 99/143 SIFT: 64 LOR: 03 Blackhawk pilot, 7th SFG 18B, General Manager of job College: Associate of Arts 2.1GPA (weak point) PT: 283 Flight time: 115+ hours, Private rotary and fixed Moral waiver for underage alcohol consumption (8 years ago), and car crash due to hydroplaning.
  8. Im waiting on my moral waiver to be board ready. Is there anyone I can contact to expedite the process? I understand the timeline suggested on the warrant officer recruiting website and Im past that.
  9. Did anyone who has was selected get a ship date yet? I didnt make it to this board and am curious what the timeline is like at the moment.
  10. Im still waiting on my moral waiver to process as a civilian. I had a phone interview with a Colonel? last week. Is there anyone I can call or meet to ensure my waiver processes and I can submit to the November board?
  11. That is fantastic news, I hope I have the same circumstance. Yes im a civilian as well without prior service. Age: 26 GT: 143 SIFT: 64 PT: 281 LOR: Blackhawk pilot 03, 75th 18B, and manager of civilian job Flight experience: 100ish hours total, rotary and fixed private licenses. Flight physical: stamped no waivers Moral waiver for an underage drinking ticket 8 years ago.
  12. Ive found the deadlines for submitting as active duty but not for a civilian. Does anyone have somewhere I can reference to find this out? Currently on week 8 of waiting for my moral waiver (underage alcohol possession 8 years ago) to process. Ive been told it should be next week and Im hoping thats soon enough for the November board. My WOFT packet is complete aside from that.
  13. Anyone know the submission deadline for packets? My battalion board interview is on Nov 1st and Im wondering if Ill be able to make it.
  14. I have not turned in my packet or done my battalion board interview. I live on the east coast and the hurricane has delayed my security interview.
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