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  1. Yeah, you're right. I looked back on the board dates and then on MILPERS when they released the selection list, and it usually was a Wednesday or Thursday following the board. So hopefully it will be released within the next day.
  2. I still haven't heard anything with the active duty side. I have been checking MILPERS like it's my job.
  3. Thanks for the responses, they have helped. I did attend an informational meeting with a CW4 who answered a lot of questions. So anyone else who might have questions on going active duty from reserve should look into those meetings. It's on the Warrant Officer Recruiting web page, the only down side is that they are all on military bases, so unless you live close to a base it may be out of question.
  4. I am seeking advice on going from reserve status to submitting my Warrant Packet and going active duty in aviation. Any advice will help. 1) I am currently a reservist drilling with my unit, normal reserve status. 2) My goal is to go active duty with my Warrant Packet. 3) I have been told a few different things as far as how to get into the active side of aviation. a) I must apply as a reservist and go thorough training, graduate, report to a reserve aviation unit, then apply for active duty b ) Get a conditional release from the reserve and submit that with my initial warrant packet, then get assigned an active unit after I graduate, given that I fulfill all of my proper training. I think that is the basis for the scenario I find myself in, and I am having lots of trouble with figuring out what to do. I am aware of waiting for slots, but I have been told I will have to wait nearly a year just to submit a packet. If there is any advice or contact info or anything it will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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