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  1. Anyone have the most recent selection results?
  2. Thats what I figured. I went directly to my flight Doc and he said the stamp itself on the physical was the exception to policy and I didnt need anything else.
  3. I have been accepted and begin WOCS in Aug. I read that I need the waiver along with the DD 2808. All I have is the flight physical stamped how would I go about getting the actual waiver?
  4. Congrats on retirement thanks for your service and all the contributions youve made to aspiring army aviators.
  5. Increase your PT score and try to get an LOR from a CW4 or CW5. Your packet is already competitive compared to people getting picked up so just make sure you get it finished and turned in without any silly typos.
  6. I'm in the same boat as you my class begins in Aug. and my Physical expires in July. I have already redone my phase 1 and I am waiting to do my phase 2 Apr.1. I wouldn't risk having an expired flight physical and I'm pretty sure wocs is booked up.
  7. Hey man just get your packet in and let the board make the decisions. If you are denied the first go around your packet will be automatically boarded into the next board so I don't think you should be to worried about that. The WOSM sounds like he just wants you to know that there are other options if it comes down to that. I was in your shoes and ended up enlisting before I ever put a packet in. Lucky enough for me I was still selected two years later. I also had a moral ETP just not quite to the extent of yours. Hit one target at a time.. get that flight physical done.
  8. So there is no essay or class material that needs to be done ahead of time? I was just wondering why there was a phase 1 and 2 email on my AKO.
  9. Did everyone get a phase 1 and 2 email? Also do we need to register online for any classes?
  10. Yeah I'm in your boat this is my first PCS so everything is a bit new to me. I'm waiting on my request for orders so I can start planning and asking questions through my COC.
  11. My wife is due Sep.19 which is like 7 days after graduation so I feel your stress.
  12. Figured I would start a thread for this class to see if anyone on here is headed to WOCS in Aug.
  13. Selected Jan. WOCS class 019 Report Date : 2019-08-07 End Date : 2019-09-12
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