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  1. Well my wife decided today to tell me that her cousin is a CW5 Blackhawk pilot so hopefully I can get in touch with him. I'm excited for pathfinder but not as nearly excited as I am to put in this flight packet.. hopefully I can clear my head for a few weeks and just knock out pathfinder.
  2. Sounds like it's a good time to be putting in a packet then.. just need to get these LoRs out of the way.
  3. I've met with my Company Commander and I know for sure that he supports me and is willing to push my packet up.
  4. Right now I am stationed in Schofield, Hawaii.
  5. I'll be turning 24 in January, I've already talked to my Commander and he said he will sign off on anything I need. I appreciate you saying that though mean a lot!
  6. I'm currently an E-3 with about 19 months TIS. I have my Bachelor's degree in Health Studies (3.1) and plan on dropping a WOFT packet within the next few months. With my situation I have already taken and passed the SIFT with a 67 as I was interested in the Street to Seat program before enlisting but was pushed towards enlisting by my recruiters. I feel like I can make a decent enough packet to get a go but I really want some advice from people that have gone through the process. My Gt score is a 124 and my last PFT was a 286. I'm Air Assault qualified and I'm attending Pathfinder school in Feb. with my LT. Not sure if schools like these are even taken into consideration or not? I also have a TS/SCI clearance which I'm hoping will help out a little bit. My only major concern is that I don't really have the connections that some people on here seem to have. I know very good leaders that I look up to very much but none with the aviation experience. I've sent emails out to POC given on the WOFT recruiting page for my location but have not heard back yet most likely due to it being block leave for the majority. Any help would be greatly appreciated, this is a life goal that I feel is in reach and I don't want to miss out on this opportunity. Thank You.
  7. Age - 24 GT - 124 SIFT - 67 APFT - 286 Military - 2 Years Active Duty CIV ED - Bachelor's of Science in Health Studies (3.1gpa) Flight Hours - None Physical - Good LOR - In search Haven't put a packet in but have decided to try to go the WOFT route instead of OCS as it interests me more. Hope to get a packet in by March.
  8. Yeah It's pretty awesome how fast someone will go out of their way to help another, at least the majority of people.
  9. My recruiter helped me get in touch with him and I provided a resume.
  10. Age: 22 GT/AFQT: 124/86 SIFT: 61 APFT: Haven't taken yet.. Hoping for a 300 but the 2 miles may get me as I'm a track sprinter in college... not a distance runner haha. Prior Sevice: None LOR: Congressman, E-8, former employer. Education: Bachelor's Degree in Health Studies GPA around a 3.1 (Graduating May, 7) Physical: Flight Physical next week in Fort Drum. I'm planning on making the upcoming boards.. which is apparently going to be with twice as many applicants from what I have read. Either way I am very excited to to finally get my packet in as this was more of a pipedream about 6 months ago. Any recommendations for the Board Interview? (I'm a bit nervous for this). Also do you believe my packet will be competitive, I hate getting worked up about stats but it's obviously a pretty big factor when it comes to selecting applicants. I appreciate any sort of advice.
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