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  1. I have some decent experience with writing as I have accomplished finishing a Master's and have written numerous awards packages. I agree though that peer review is necessary and I might luck out and have of them write it.
  2. Especially if I am in a time crunch? I am use to writing my own packages, as in my own Enlisted reports, awards packages etc, where the person signing it just reviews it and changes whatever they think is necessary and signing. A couple of the LORs I want are from people who are extremely busy, F-35 and F-16 weapons officers that would very unlikely have the time to draft the letters them self. Any insight would be great, thanks.
  3. It is what I have been told, I would talk with the VA directly, if the person doesn't sound like they know what they are talking about, call at another time. My exp with VA is some if the members are very competent, and others seem very new with misinformation.
  4. Thanks Lindsey. The CAP looks like a great experience, I talked to them during the air show last weekend here at Luke and I am going to the next meeting. They have quite amazing planes right now, Cessna 182s with glass cockpits, I would love to get involved in their search and rescue missions. I have some time to build up, but I can work as a spotter in the meantime and also work with the cadets about military life. I am pretty excited. My flying exp comes from Alaska, I flew out to a lot of remote villages and also did a good amount of time in class D airspace at Merril Field, which is one if the busiest small plane airports in the world.
  5. As the topic states I am wondering if prior service is added in to your pay scale. I know going from enlisted to officer in the Air Force you get O-E pay, I am wondering if it is different when crossing services and going warrant officer. Granted I do not know if I would make the cut, but just a general curiosity if it works the same.
  6. From what I have been told, the post 9/11 GI bill can pay 100% of flight training up to 12,300 each fiscal year for rating beyond ppl and yes if you go to school for an aviation degree that includes flight training, tuition assistance will pay for it.
  7. As far as the LORs I have worked directly with F-16 and F-35 weapons officers pilots the last couple of years, but they are at 0-3, 0-4 grade, I suppose I could go to the commander of the squadron and ask them if a higher grade is needed, but have always had excellent feedback and they are always requesting support from me and my flight members, I am currently the NCOIC of our shop.
  8. 1 min yes. I have actually done 95 push-ups in a min before. I am a bodybuilder, so I am very much into fitness, not concerned about that part.
  9. I realise this, I am using my phone and getting a lot of autocorrecting mistakes and typing fast. I am fine in that regard, going through my masters with 15-20 page research papers developed those skills, I am also out at the pool, so a little distracted. I am going to start IFR soon and also going to start volunteering for civil air patrol.
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