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  1. Who's been in a job interview where they look at your logbook?
  2. I'll be on swath, holding zero feet (for a majority of the pass at least) and the lower lights flicker from right to left even while holding a swath damn good. I have the lower light set to 2 degrees. I'll check in the morning but if you go under GPS setting and go through a few setup screens i believe its there. I think the options are 20, 10, 5
  3. How many pounds per acre? I've seen fields planted with an Air Tractor using a spreader and it does a great job. Rice seeding for example...
  4. My cross track light bounces back and forth a lot when I'm flying and 1 / 0 feet off. Using 1,2,3,5 degrees for my lower light bar, top bar is 1,2,3,4,5 feet on the lights respectively. Messing with the refresh rate on the GPS, Standard was programmed at 20HZ. Wondering what some people used for their HZ. Anyone have this problem of flickering back and forth real fast? It's a Bantam with an L7 light bar. Flew a G4 and M3 before and didn't have this annoyance. What set ups are you running for lights, HZ etc?
  5. If you can get Ag time it will open a lot of doors. The Instructing path leads to a lot but it's difficult to get into Ag.
  6. You might as well say you own AT LEAST a Dauphin if you go that route. You can then still tell them you have a 22. It's like I have a husky riding mower for the big stuff, and a Troy built I don't care about.
  7. Then you have to tell your friends you own a Robby 😐
  8. My question. If you have money to buy a helicopter, why stop doing what you are doing and just fly for fun. A 12k private license and some fun flights will take a while to add up to 55k, Operating expenses and instructor.
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