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  1. I'm USAF too, how'd you go about knocking out your apft?
  2. Hey Y'all, I've been working my packet for a while now. Trying to go from AD AF to army is more of a pain than I imagined it would be. Almost done with my packet though. Age: 29 Degree: AS in aerospace maintenance(ccaf) GT : 129 SIFT: 74 Flight Physical: stamped no waivers Mil Experience : 9 years USAF,currently E-6 aircraft maintainer LORs: MOO, Captain - Sq/CC, Lt Col. Waiting on APFT for final LOR. No waivers. Also, if any current Army Aviators would be willing to proof read my resume summary I would appreciate it.
  3. If you don't mind me asking, how tall are you? I'm just curious because I'm not exactly short, and wondering if I'll run into any limitations.
  4. I'm a Crew Chief. The email said that crew chiefs' manning is healthy, however maintenance as a whole is low manned so they won't release me. I'm going through my local mpf now. And my CC said he'd fight the bean counters if need be
  5. Following this. I'm currently a TSgt working on my packet. The only thing I have left is my physical on Tuesday and my CCs LoR and a SWO LoR. I'm currently in a fight with AFPC to get released though.
  6. What kind of certs did you include? If you don't mind me asking. And luckily my CC is willing to help me fight the bean counters at AFPC. So I'm not giving this up yet. I have worked too dang hard and studied too much to stop.
  7. AFPC dissaproved my CR yesterday, due to manning in maintenance. I'm trying to go through my local MPF now. Wish me luck.
  8. Thank you, luckily my OIC is awesome and specifically told me to seek input and rewrite as needed. She didn't sign the corn for that reason. I'll add some examples. Thanks again for the cratique.
  9. Yes this was copy/pasted from the 3.3 she filed out. Thank you for your input.
  10. I'm hoping some of you experienced CWOs would do me a favor and take a look at the LoR my CGO just sent me. For a little background, I'm an AF E-6, and a heavys maintainer. This is the first LoR my OIC has written for the Army. Any input would be appreciated. See content below, and thank you in advance. am pleased to highly recommend to the board TSgt Jacob XXXXXX for an Army Warrant Officer slot in the position of Rotary Wing Aviator. TSgt Jacob XXXXXX exemplifies all aspects of what it means to be an Airman! The Air Force Core Values of integrity first, service before self, and excelle
  11. I never thought about a thank you card. Good idea, I will be searching for a Senior aviator for an interview soon.
  12. I'm hoping to have my packet done in time to make this board, my SIFT is scheduled for next week.
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