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  1. Hello Everyone Firstly, I'm thrilled that such a forum as this one exists. This community has been more helpful than I have ever imagined. Although I have never posted until now, I have reaped a lot of benefits from this community that might've been elsewhere unavailable. Ive been exploring the option of flying helicopters pretty heavily for the past couple of years whether it be civilian or military. Considering my financial status, military seems the more realistic route for me. However, from what I have read, it seems more Warrant Officer Pilots have been getting pretty low PIC hours / year. I struggle with beginning my packet because I wonder if after my 6 years of time, will I even have a respectable amount of hours to take with me. So ultimately, I guess my question is one to all current Warrant Officer Pilots and any who may also have some enlightening knowledge. I very much understand that every persons situation is different, as well as differing locational needs. I know that we cannot attribute one to the whole or the whole to one. I DO NOT expect a concrete response. Just some insight from people who would know better than I about the CURRENT status of a Warrant Officer Pilots yearly PIC hours. Thank you, -Matt
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