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  1. Yeah I took it last week and it was my strongest section I think. It had previous obvious bad choices assuming you knew the difference between a tail rotor and a main rotor. I also studied this section the most I think. There were a couple zingers, like the class G airspace, and you had to know slip and skid and the basics but it wasn’t bad. For the aircraft the questions were pretty straight forward. They had other aircraft on there, including foreign ones and older ones, but it was easy questions, like pick which one is a US Army helicopter. Mig would not be the correct answer...
  2. I'm curious if so called older aircraft like the TH-67 and the OH-58 Kiowa are still on the SIFT. I'm going through some study guide books and its seems to be a mixed bag. There's questions that have the UH-72 involved, but then they'll ask for example "Which of the following has been the Army's primary training helicopter since 1993?" and gives the UH-72 and TH-67 as options. The 1993 part makes that one easy but I'm wondering if there could be other less clear questions. The one that got me aggravated was "Which of these Army helicopters is the lightest (ie lowest empty weight)?" and gives "Bell Th-67" and "OH-58A Kiowa". I picked the 67 but apparently the A model of the OH-58 weighs next to nothing. It was the only time they added on the A model, the rest of the test simply says "OH-58 Kiowa". I tried looking up weights but it seems sketchy and most websites aren't clear on exact weight for different variants of the same modelIs the test that convoluted?
  3. Did you guys find the math section required a lot of pen and paper? It seems a lot of the study books have more simple equations that you could do in your head. I just took the trivium online test and it seemed to require more paper and pen for some of the weird multiplication and division of numbers with decimals and things like that. I'm curious as I'm trying to judge the pace you should have while working through it.
  4. Let me know what you find out! I’m currently in the process for the PA guard myself
  5. FWIW I'm Navy prior servicer enlisting in the Guard to try that route. I had a hand injury 5 years ago that got cleared by the Navy with no issues. I think my recruiter started submitting paperwork to MEPS in order to get a physical scheduled with a waiver back in like Nov? I'm just now going this week. So 3 months of back and forth with MEPS about just random stuff they wanted, including requesting documents that were already submitted or didn't exist haha. So hang in there...
  6. Not to revive a dead topic but since its all same same thought it might be best. Does anyone know if Spiker Helicopters out of Zenlinope, PA is any good? https://spikerhelicopters.com Its only 30 minutes away from PGH. However I didnt see it mentioned in any recommendations, and even though the topics are old its supposedly been around since 2003. They also fly Enstroms for better or worse...
  7. Just out of curiosity, do they give you leave time at any point during the entire pipeline? I assume the big holidays the school house will shutdown, but otherwise do you guys end up selling your leave time back?
  8. Yeah I plan on doing both pretty close to each other, but wasnt sure how much it mattered. I may go to the WOSM just out of a lack of contact if I for the unit and see if he can help with that
  9. Im going be trying to make contact with the WV National Guard unit thatd Id like to get picked up with. Im wondering is it better to contact the states WOSM first, and then work towards making contact with the unit? Or is it better to try and make contact with the unit first and go from there. I hear a lot of them have in house recruiters to help people along. The one benefit I can see of going through the WOSM is that they may have contact info for the unit. I did a decent amount of searching and Im still going to probably have to end up driving to their base and hope to catch some one there.
  10. Lindsey's packet (http://helicopterforum.verticalreference.com/topic/13468-warrant-officer-flight-training/) has a section where she talks about collateral duties and some of the daily routine for active duty. I'm sure it still mostly applies even though its from a few years ago. I watched some 160th guys do some training on the back of my ship (I'm deployed with the Navy right now) and I was able to talk to two of the pilots real quick. FWIW, they both said flying was as fun as it looks and totally worth it hahaha
  11. My tech school for the Navy was on an air force base. Me and some of my classmates went to dinner at towards the end of the meal hour when it was pretty empty. We walked around with our trays for 5 minutes looking like idiots trying to find the "scullery/dishwasher" window that we always had to take our trays to. The AF guys there found it pretty entertaining
  12. Congrats! Hope you get that school slot soon! I'm still hoping you write that guide for going the guard route hahaha
  13. Hmm that's interesting. I was planning on likely eventually applying to a different state and having a multi hour commute. Like you said, its common in the Navy reserves to be hours away from the drill site. I've made 7-10 hour drives down to Norfolk for drill month after month just to be in a unit that I wanted to.
  14. Glad to see you got another step out of the way! Been lurking on your thread for awhile as it's a similar route as I'm looking. Thanks for the inspiration and keep up the good work!
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