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  1. They do the civilians the first day, so they reviewed Monday, called this morning from the Battalion HQ.
  2. When I originally was applying I was still a ways out from finishing school, I'm hearing the next 7 week WOCS class won't be until Jan time frame. At that point Ill be leaving 4 months before I have my degree, and its not an online program. Im not saying Im not appreciative and this hasn't been a dream, Im just saying Im trying to make the best decision for me.
  3. Ive been applying and board ready since last July's board.
  4. Got the call, was picked up. Bittersweet because I may not accept it and it's been over a year process. Good luck to all! Does anyone have any insight into when the next 7 week class is? I don't need BCT but I had heard January for the next 7 week WOC, which seems a little crazy.
  5. nope http://www.usarec.army.mil/hq/warrant/WOgeninfo_boardschedule.shtml
  6. The one guy thats at the station is telling me they won't have them until Friday
  7. Yea man I'm thinking probably Wednesday based off past threads.
  8. Just a couple days left for the civilian folks. Can't believe this is so quiet.
  9. Yes I'll be applying for the civilian board, and thank you man I really appreciate that. I'll have to get more info from you if I get picked up.
  10. Hi all Checking for this board after a year long process that has included recruiters losing SIFT results and not telling me, while letting me think it was being boarded. But here I am. Age: 28 ASVAB/GT: 90/123 SIFT: 60 PT: 282(Its now a 290+) Flight Physical: Passed no waivers Military: Prior Marine E-5 UAV operator 2 deployments ISO OEF(over 2300 hrs of flight time including civilian time) Civilian Education: 80 Credits, 3.85(Arizona State) Civilian Experience: 5 Civilian Contractor Deployments flying and mission commanding UAV's in Afghan LORs: 4: O7 Deputy CG 82nd, (O5, O4, O3) Marin
  11. Im in pretty much the exact boat as the two of you ^^ I EAS'd the end of 2012 and just finished my IRR in March. Im pretty sure AR 601-210 Section 5-16, 1(D) and (F) explain that if you have attended Army or Marine bootcamp you're not require to attend BCT unless you have longer than a 3 year gap in service. Your end of service being defined as when your IRR time ends.
  12. Thank you I'll take a look at the reg. I guess my question is does the break in service start when my active duty time was complete or when my IRR was complete? Looking at 6-15 1(d) and 1(F) it says "break in service is defined as as last period of service to include IRR" is that how you would interpret it?
  13. I appreciate that man, I was talking with the Battalion Warrant recruiter after my board and he had told me I'd have to go. He mentioned something recently changing with the process, but its good to know I can fight it. I guess it's just something to talk with the MEPS people about if/when the time comes. Either way if I get selected, I'll do what I have to do. It's just something I'd prefer not to do if it's not absolutely required.
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