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  1. Indeed, that will be part of the story. Thanks for that particular clip from GA.
  2. Greetings, I'm producing a feature-length documentary and am looking for interesting, relevant, first-hand input from HEMS pilots, crew, operators/management -- even patients -- especially those willing to appear on camera. Looking to cover all aspects of the (primarily U.S.) industry, both good and bad. As you'll probably surmise, topics such as: CRFS, aircraft type, IFR vs. VFR, duty time, insurance, "pressure to fly", competition, legislation, etc. will be included. I'd also like to highlight what's working in the industry -- what drew you to it and why do you stay (or did you leave)? Likewise I will be looking to showcase the current state-of-the-art in terms of air ambulance helicopters and the technology being used on board to save lives every day. So I'd like to hear from you: stories, gripes, complaints, kudos, soap-box issues, off-the-record tips, insight, recommendations, commendations, referrals or introductions, etc... please drop me a private note directly at HEMSfilm@gmail.com and include contact info and your location. It is my intention to make a compelling, educational film -- offering a broad but comprehensive (and objective) look at today's HEMS industry -- in order to raise both public awareness and appreciation for this vital endeavor. Thank you in advance.
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