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  1. We're running a discounted rate of $380/hr when you purchase a block of ten hours or more. This is a wet rate and includes the flight instructor. Our prices (discount or not) never come with fuel surcharges or other hidden fees. You bring $3,800, you get ten hours of R44 time. This is not a ferry flight or a ride-along on unrelated revenue flights. We will make the best use of your time-building by customizing your training to the experience you want to gain and doing it on your schedule. Some things we can work on: Cross-country and night time-buildingR44 Transition Training / PIC EndorsementFlight review / refresher trainingInadvertent IMC / Upset AttitudePrivate/Commercial ManeuversWe have Class C and Class D airspace in our immediate vicinity. In roughly a two hour flight we can get to the Class B for Kansas City, Memphis, St. Louis, or Dallas (which has helicopter charts/routes). We've been in business over 10 years with no accidents. We take pride in keeping our aircraft clean and well maintained. Come fly with us in beautiful Northwest Arkansas and the Ozark Mountains. E-mail me at brandon.arhelicopters@gmail.com for more information or to check availability. http://www.arhelicopters.com
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