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  1. Any chance one of you guys would be willing to send me the .pdf if I send you a PM with my e-mail address? It's kind of a long story, but I'm trying to convince some people that I'm super-prepped for Basic, WOCS, FS, etc. so I'm trying to familiarize myself with every resource I can.
  2. Mine was given to me on a piece of paper immediately after the test. I can't remember if it showed up on the screen too. You don't have to wait for it to be graded or anything.
  3. Y'all know the original shindig was just an AF/Navy pilot yanking your chains, right? "I can't do a single pushup but I was a mailman for a year and my grandpa thinks I'm great, so I should qualify to be an Army pilot, right?"
  4. She could consider looking for virtual positions on usajobs. They do exist. I know GSA has some (more than ever now) and I'm assuming plenty of other agencies do too. Considering that she hasn't been a gov't worker before (as far as I know) it might be hard to find something virtual that's entry level (since the intern/probationary period typically includes several weeks of on-site training offered at various military bases). Not sure if you guys would be interested in that, but you mentioned remote work so I figured I'd throw that out there.
  5. 1. Yes, you can sit for the SIFT as a civilian but an enlisted recruiter will have to fill out the test request form for you. 2. You can go before the Board before you even enlist in some places. That's what I did. It seems to be somewhat unusual but talk to your WOSM and see what they say. If they'll allow it in your state, it means you'll already be picked up for WOFT before you even sign on the dotted line. I'm in NY, so your mileage may vary.
  6. Ah, so it does transverse a joint. If the retained hardware doesn't meet those criteria I mentioned, then I believe it's disqualifiable and will require a waiver. No idea how easy that'll be to get.
  7. There's a certain set of rules regarding retained hardware. I had to deal with it myself the other day. Basically, if the hardware doesn't transverse a joint and doesn't cause any functional impairment, you should be good to go.
  8. You mean for college grads, right? I don't think I've ever seen that referred to as "Street To Seat". Thank you for broadening my horizons.
  9. If you received PRK or LASIK eye surgery, the Army flight physical (and maybe the Navy's?) requires a "Low-Contrast Sensitivity Test", aka that backlit eye chart you're supposed to read from just because you had PRK/LASIK. If you fail that test, are you hosed? The Army Aeromed Policy I was able to find lists some alternative tests that can be submitted instead: - VisTech Contrast Grating Test - Functional Acuity Contrast Test (F.A.C.T.) - Pelli-Robinson Contrast Sensitivity Test - Bailey-Lovie 10% low contrast acuity test - ETDRS low contrast acuity chart (5% is preferred) - Mentor BVAT low contrast acuity chart (set on 5%) Anyone fail the regular test and end up having more luck with one of the above? That test has always been hard for me and I'm wondering what my situation would be if I failed it at some point. Thanks!
  10. ARNG does do enlistments straight to WOFT in some states.
  11. I second what Dmurray said. You should apply for colleges regardless. Worst case if you don't get picked up for WOFT before college decisions are due then you could accept a college's offer and then rescind it if you got picked up by the WOFT Board, or if that's still not enough time you could defer your matriculation for a year and do your WOFT Board then (or be boarded for the second time, if that's the case). Then you still have the fallback position of starting college the following year if you don't get picked up twice around and you won't have the hassle of reapplying to schools (unless you're not happy with where you deferred and want to apply or reapply to some other schools).
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