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  1. I thought I would have to get an EKG but because I'm under 35 he said I didn't have to worry about it. Maybe that's why it was cheaper for me.
  2. Thanks for the quick reply! I'm aware that I really have no reason to have it but he offered it at the same price and it does feel good to know that I was able to qualify for it.
  3. This may seem like a silly question but until recently I had never gone for a physical. I started turned in my MedXpress online portion a fair amount of time before going in for the actual physical. Mainly due to nerves that I wouldn't pass due to my eyesight. Going off some advice I received previously, I went in to apply for my second class certificate since I knew that if I started down this road I'd want to go for at least my commercial cert. Anyway, I went in and ended up walking out with a first class cert the same day. From what I've heard, this process could take weeks. The doctor is a
  4. No offense taken, that's why I'm here asking questions. Thanks for the viewpoints.
  5. Thanks again everyone for your responses. Mulling these points over and now realizing that I'll already be preoccupied with just learning the basics, I was wondering if it would be too unconventional to obtain my PPL at my current location and then relocate for my commercial certification, in order to train and get more experience in a higher altitude environment, later on? Are CFI's less willing to train pilots that they did not train for their PPL? I imagine it would make it harder to find a follow up CFI/CFII job by not sticking with one school, but would the versatility be a plus later o
  6. Thanks for the input, I was unaware that the military's flight schools were at sea level. I had tried the military route when I was younger (as a warrant officer) but they wouldn't have me. I'll keep those habits in mind when I start training. I appreciate your view on this. I've been hearing/reading plenty about pilots who learn at sea level being "power management lazy" (thanks for that Goldy). Aside from actually learning in high altitude environment, can you offer any advice that could help me avoid being one of those pilots? While I do eventually intend on relocating to one of the sta
  7. First of all, thanks so much to everyone who's taken the time to respond so far! Sorry that my responses are out of order, I'm new to utilizing MultiQuote. I have read plenty on the forums of the importance of a CFI and CFII in order to be marketable and that is indeed also on my to-do list. The estimate is also fairly accurate to mine, according to the schools I've been researching, since I do not at all expect to obtain my Cert's within the "minimum requirements" most schools seem to provide their Program Cost lists for. However, one of the schools I'm looking at is Helicopter Academy.
  8. Hello, everyone! I'm new to the site so apologies if this has already been covered somewhere, if it is, I wasn't able to find it. A little bit of backstory: I've been wanting to become a pilot for awhile but have been waiting until I had enough funds to get through my PPL relatively quick. My end game is to become a commercial pilot and while I am well aware of the cost and time investments involved it is the location of my school/training facility I'm inquiring about. I hail from South Florida but am interested in flying for the working abroad opportunities. I was told by another helicopt
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