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  1. That's what everyone keeps telling me but its like he was playing dumb with me or was just new...I am not sure. I think one of them was over 300, but that was the one that was 11 years ago. Is that something still needed for a waiver even though it was that far back?
  2. ive got the sift, asvab, 3 LOR's done. So much time has passed that my flight physical and meps physicals have expired. One of the things he was jerking me around about was 2 tickets I had, 1 for speeding and 1 for running a stop sign. The one I got for speeding was 11 years ago, the one for the stop sign was 5 years ago and I went to traffic school for it. He told me at first that it would be okay, but months later after difficult communication tells me that I would not be eligible. How are you supposed to determine this? I've heard from friends that have had traffic tickets that I should be fine.
  3. I've been with a regular army recruiting office for 2 years now. It feels like I am doing all the work and nothing is getting done. I've driven myself to everything and done nearly everything I have been able to do myself. Do I have to continue with this recruiter or is it possible that the WO recruiters are more helpful?
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