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  1. The people at meps. They said my orders said I wasn't authorized pov. I'm gonna try to get some more info from the recruiters on Monday. It's a further drive to meps for me than it is to just go straight to rucker. Kinda ridiculous.
  2. So I ship out April 25, man that's really soon. But I don't start WOCS until may 11. I'm prior service so I don't have to go back to basic. Anyone else enter with prior service? Can't imagine what I'll be doing for two weeks before starting WOCS. And I'm not allowed to drive myself so I'll be there without my vehicle. Luckily I only live about 2 hours away from rucker so I'll probably just have my wife drive my truck up if I have any free timencyclopedia.
  3. Got selected. Got the call from my recruiter. I'll post my stats in the "selection stats" thread when I get a chance. Don't want to get yelled at for posting in the wrong thread again.....I'm also going to meps on Friday to swear in and get orders and dates and what not.
  4. My apologies, I didn't realize we had to be so proper here. Seemed appropriate to me, same general topic. What if I promise to post my stats if I get selected....?
  5. Just curious for the civilian applicants as to how/when you were notified about being selected (or not selected)? I read that most people were notified about mid-week of the board week. Should I expect a call from my recruiter or someone from USAREC directly?
  6. I've posted on the last couple of boards and foremost one reason or another didn't make it to the board. Decided not to post on this on in case it was bad luck.or something. Well I'm fairly certain that my packet has been forwarded to this board appreciate here goes: Age: 32 ASVAB/GT: 92/128 SIFT: 65 PT: 277 Flight Physical: Go no waivers Military: 3 years and some change 11B 82nd ABN Civilian Education: B.A. Criminal justice (GPA not great, 2.9) LOR: CW4 pilot, Air force O-5 Pilot, Army O-5 (Healthcare), Congressman, Current Fire Chief, Retired NFL head coach Flight Hours: None. Waivers: None. *Update to the waiver, they made me get an age waiver. I was told the age cap changed but then I was also told that they just decided to process a waiver since I will turn 33 while in the course. Who even knows at this point. Either way, glad to finally be going to the board. Good luck to everyone else.
  7. They will look at your previous paperwork for your security clearance. I filled out my security paperwork when I first joined the Army years ago but never was put in for a clearance. Years later, I needed one for the Air Force reserve. My dates did not match up and I had to sit down with an investigator and explain. If you can't get ahold of your old one do the best you can. And save this one! Save every piece of paper you do for your packet and everything your recruiter makes you sign. And when you get in, Save everything, create a file. Long story short, if you can't find it, it's not the end of the world but it may slightly delay your clearance. I'm not sure that the board will ever see your SF86, maybe someone else knows better. I think they just need to know that you are eligible for a secret clearance or currently hold one.
  8. Is there anyone that has fairly recently been selected and does not have to go to basic? I'm just curious as to what the turn around time is from being selected to getting a WOCS date. And if that's flexible or if you have to take the first available class. I'm interested in leaving as soon as possible and have nothing keeping me from doing so, just curious as to what the rules are. Thanks.
  9. There have been so many changes in my recruiting center in the year that I've been working on this packet. I've been bounced back and forth from recruiter to recruiter so many times. Including working with the lead recruiter. Things seem to be on track now. My packet is complete but now I will have to redo my PT test because it will expire in January. If they don't get it submitted as soon as that is done, I will definitely be contacting battalion. Thanks for the info, this is such a stressful process. But every time I get feed up, I just have to remember that it will be worth it in the long run. I have a date of February 8 for my battalion board, that has yet to be confirmed, though.
  10. Well, looks like I'm moving on to the March board, as well. I got the go ahead from meps security guy but now I'm being told by the recruiters that the next board isn't until march. Regardless of the fact that there is a January board showing on the USAREC website. But if they don't send me to a battalion interview then I can't proceed to the USAREC board.... And now I have to redo my PT test because it will expire next month.
  11. I have posted on the last two board dates thinking that I would make it, but for one reason or another the recruiters managed to not get my packet submitted. So maybe third time is a charm. Age: 32 ASVAB/GT: 92/128 SIFT: 65 PT: 274 Flight Physical: Go no waivers Military: 3 years and some change 11B 82nd ABN Civilian Education: B.A. Criminal justice (GPA not great, 2.9) LOR: CW4 pilot, Air force O-5 Pilot, Army O-5 (Healthcare), Congressman, Current Fire Chief, Retired NFL head coach Flight Hours: None. Waivers: None. Been working on this packet over a year now and its been complete for about 3-4 months but the recruiters wait until the last minute to submit it and then realize something wasn't done correctly. Still waiting for the MEPS security guy to sign off and then should be good to submit.... and waiting on a date for the battalion board. I'm losing a lot of faith in these recruiters. Congratulations to those who just got selected, and good luck to those of you that will be attending this next board with me (hopefully).
  12. It seems to me that all recruiting battalions seem to do their own thing. My battalion board for the September USAREC board was August 10. And my packet was due about 10 days prior to that. They were, however, pretty lenient on that and allowed me to turn my packet in late. I still missed the deadline by a day or two and will now be moving on to ththe November board. Battalion board is October 19 and my packet is ready to go.
  13. I bought the "SIFT Study Guide: Test Prep and Practice Questions for the Army SIFT Exam" to study with as well as the "FAA helicopter flying handbook" and the "army fundamentals of flight" to study. Didn't use the ARMY book much, I found it to be way to in depth for what I was expecting on the test. And I was right. That being said, definitely be somewhat familiar with your military aircraft. The SIFT study guide was okay. It had way to many wrong answers in the answer guide. Whic made for some confusion while studying. Was I wrong or is the book wrong? But familiarizing with the spatial appreciation, simple drawings, and hidden figures, I think that's about all you could do. The hidden figures, in my opinion, were more difficult on the test than what was in the book. But not too bad. The reading comprehension wasn't bad either. The math and mechanical section, I found to be way more difficult than expected. That being said, I graduated college in 2006 with a criminal justice degree, not much math or mechanical. I got 65, I left thinking I bombed it. After the math and mechanical sections being the last two. So I was content with that score. Could have been higher but there's nothing I can do about it at this point. I have an ASVAB of 92 with a GT of 128.
  14. Wow, up until now I've only heard that the interview is faily laid back as long as you are prepared. This process certainly is a rollercoaster. Finished my flight physical, finally, which was the last step for my packet. But unfortunately couldn't get it stamped before my batallion board (which would have been yesterday). So I will not be making the September board. Good luck to those of you that will be going to the September board. I'll be on to the November board. I am curious, though, if going to the board at the end of or beginning of the fiscal year makes any difference. If they are more strict at the beginning of the year or maybe have extra slots to fill at the end of the year.
  15. So, big surprise, the recruiter lied to me. That september board was obviously never cancelled. Apparently he was covering his own ass for not getting my physical scheduled. I can't really figure any other reason for him to lie. So he's gone, and my new recruiter is great. Got me scheduled for everything and has me approved to submit my packet late. So it looks like I will make this September board, unless for some unforeseen circumstances. ‚Äč*Update to my stats, got a 274 PT. I was hoping to do a bit better, but it is what it is at this point.
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