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  1. If you're lucky you might catch her before the entire house is packed up (this actually happened to a friend of mine). Ah, deployments.
  2. Just my two cents but if you're 26 you can't fly for the Marines/Navy, you can certainly still join though you won't be a pilot. I'm not positive about the Air Force but I'm pretty sure the age cutoff is 28 for pilots. Also, what about being an E-4 because you have your degree? Is that a thing now?
  3. Yea, those numbers are correct. The first time I heard about how many people actually went to the board I thought it was just for my local area but it was nation wide. Not a lot of people know about WOFT. Also, putting a packet together weeds out a lot of people because its a long, time consuming process. Best of luck though.
  4. I actually have my BN board this Wed. Aug 31. So it could still be right around the corner (pretty much this week).
  5. I'd like to start by saying I know this is a vague question and can potentially be seen as silly but, I wanted to ask. Are Army aviators getting a good amount of hours? Does it matter if your WO or Commissioned? Some of what I've read says the fleet is having difficulty meeting minimums. In the grand scheme of things I suppose any flight time is better than none, but I was curious.
  6. I think what you really need to do is make sure you and your wife are on board and prepared for deployments. I would say plan on being gone a lot and make the most of when you're not.
  7. Where are you boarding out of? Sounds like they really want to discourage you from being able to get in.
  8. I was told they would play some games like that. Long story short, be confident, concise, articulate and polite. If you do that they will at the very least respect you.
  9. In my own personal opinion. If you want to be an Army aviator do the WOFT program, apply as a civilian. You can always enlist later if you don't get picked up. But long story short if you know what you want to do, take the most direct path and make sure when you sign the contract its clear what you're signing up to do.
  10. Which one of you all are from Sarasota. I originally got recruited out of Sarasota.
  11. I talked to mine over the phone, but I already had a clearance from prior service that hadn't expired.
  12. I didn't know you could do this to someone, it's straight cold blooded. I need to use this on people.
  13. Are you guys heading to basic at Ft. Sill? I'm vaguely confused.
  14. New River huh? I was right up the road at Cherry Point for a while. I don't particularly miss J-ville though. Best of luck to you man.
  15. Congrats to all the AD that got selected. Time to start looking towards the September board.
  16. For sure let me know if Cpls Course will take care of the PME side of it. I would imagine with Cpls and Sgts course your would be gtg. But in all reality even if it doesn't its only another 2 weeks. In the grand scheme of basically an 8yr contract to start... its nothing.
  17. Hey do you know if Cpls Course counts for PLC and I assume you just go from where you are straight to WOCS? If you don't mind let me know what you go through after selections as I imagine my process will be similar.
  18. This is just my two cents but I would get LORs from every last person you can think of, then line 'em up and just pick the ones that make you look like hot sh*t. I don't think there are any real restrictions on LORs. Just get good ones from people that know you.
  19. Hello all, I am slated to head out to Ft. Rucker and will be there for flight school/training. I wanted to get an opinion of the cities nearby and any heads-up or preference when it comes to moving a family out there. I've done a little research and it looks like Enterprise and Ozark are good options, but I'm looking for some insight from someone who's been there / currently there. I appreciate anything you can tell me about the area when it comes to families and adjusting to AL. Thanks in advance.
  20. Just curious where are you stationed? I just got out of the Corps in Nov 15. Looking to go up on the Sept. Board civilian side.
  21. Recruiter told me the Sept board is still good to go. Looks like a lot of the guys on this forum got picked up for the July board as well. Hope y'all do well on the Sept. board. Also, if any one has gone to their BN board yet please post about it.
  22. That's a joke, there's a reason 300 is a perfect score, dropping five points is nothing. No one expects the majority of applicants; civilian, active or reserve to be running perfect PFTs. Your recruiter is full of it. I would ask for my packet back and go to another station, like yesterday. Good luck.
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