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  1. Thnak you very much for all the help your giving me

    Pierre (hypcop)

  2. Can somebody tell me how much I should pay for a m/r blade on an enstrom f28a 1976. at the same time how much does the helicopter worth approximatly with about 200hrs since overhall??? thank you Hypcop here is my email hypcop@hotmail.com
  3. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- would any body have a Component times remaining list for enstrom 280c 1977 please. If so is it possible to email-it to me please many thanks
  4. is it normal to burn 20 gal an hour for a 280 fx 1985 ?? thank you
  5. Does anyone have a start-up/shut down checklist for the enstrom 280 c 1977 If you could e-mail me one hypcop@hotmail.com Thank You.
  6. Hello I am new on this forum and would like informations please. I am planning on purchasing a 1977 enstrom 280c model and would like your opinion. It has been rebuilt in 1995 and now has 400 hrs tt I have 40 hrs experience on a hugues 300 and about 50 hrs on a R44. This would be my first helicopter. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Please excuse my English writing " Many thanks Pierre
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