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  1. yeah typo, Ch-47F was first. AH-64D was last.
  2. 67 Selection CO 4 UH-60m 1 AH-64d WO 7 UH-60M 4 AH-64D 1 CH-47D
  3. I wish we had that kind of selection for 67s
  4. I was previous army aviation enlisted and my three LORs were from one of my units majors, a retired Army signal corp LTC, and retired Air Force pilot LTC. Having a senior aviator helps a lots, along with the quality of the LORs.
  5. Also had to go through it with a bunch of losers. Lol
  6. When I got to WOCS HHC, I went over to the housing center with my orders and put my name on a list for when I graduate WOCS. My wife called them the last week of WOCS and they had a house ready for us when I finished.
  7. Just like dmurray said, there are many factors when. The biggest is if you have to the 5 week or 7 week course. There are a lot more 5 week courses through the year compared to the limited 7 week course.
  8. Don't count yourself out. You have a pretty solid packet. There have been plenty of people who do not have degrees or flight time that have made selection. With your LORs and your score you will most likely be selected. Just remain confident during the board and you will do fine.
  9. The bubble between WOCS and WOBC varies. We had a of us start the following week of graduation and others have start days within a month or two.
  10. For the guard, I don't know about moving, but all the guard personal went home after WOCS and will return for their WOBC date. Once they come back for WOBC, they will stay here till the completion of the course. Even during bubbles slots open up and the guard get pushed to the front of the line to save the state money. There are several hotels and apartments that let you set leases based of your time here.
  11. Once you complete WOCS, B co(flight school) will allow you to take 10 day PTDY (charge free). Most of us took the leave. The military will reimburse your hotels for the days. You can also go to the fort rucker housing website and apply for housing once you have orders for Fort rucker. Several of us applied when we were in hold over and were placed on a waiting list. During the last week of WOCS our TAC officers allow us to call housing to finish getting our houses.
  12. It's all multiple guess. Some are definitions and some are scenario based. Some of the topics that are covered are military history, leadership, army organization. It's not too hard. You will have plenty of time to study and no one in our class failed any academic exams.
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