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  1. Nothing is impossible, I have a metal plate and 7 screws in my right wrist and also have one of the bones in my wrist removed and they didnt even require a waiver for it. I also only have 30% motion in that wrist. They just read through all of my doctors notes and confirmed that it was fully healed.
  2. Yea no bubbles anymore, we selected a couple of weeks ago on a Thursday and we all started the next Tuesday.
  3. Yea couldnt have asked for a better selection. Almost everyone got their first choice.
  4. WO: 4- 64D 3- C-12 4- 47 CO: 1- 60M 1- 47 1- C-12 1- 64D
  5. Yea they made it to where your Sgt maj has to sign an electronic form upon completion and this is required to receive your dd-214.
  6. No dumb questions here, I decided to avoid the hassle and just took 3 blocks of leave for 15 days each with a week in between lol and Im glad I did because another marine in my wocs class had his sold on him and is still trying to resolve it. You will have so many schools lined up that you wont have time to take leave anyway, atleast I didnt and before flight school is over you will have plenty saved up Also I was told I was not allowed to take terminal leave as I was doing a transfer and not easing. Oh and you have to go to seps and taps😑😑.
  7. Yea nothing has really changed, I just did the same things this year. Your orders will say early reporting is authorized so I came down a month early to get my family set up and familiarize myself with the area. Just going to emphasize what was said earlier, in that you must EAS one day and be at meps the very next day, because if not you will have a financial nightmare with your pay as well as other paperwork.
  8. Yea they changed my class to 72's while we were in SERE and told us when we got back.
  9. Haha this is true or maybe they will just do another 100% apache selection lol
  10. No I absolutely don't want want them. No offense to anyone who does, I just have no interest in them and I don't want anything to do with commercial flying when I get out. I've just been watching this thread everyday since that last selection where half the class got them...kinda strange times right now, where I'm concerned with getting a 60 lol, or anything with a rotor over my head for that matter.
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