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  1. Unfortunately the aircraft wasn't covered and the operator took the hit for that one. Had I been made aware of the insurance policy requirements I wouldn't have flown the aircraft.
  2. so heres the rub, I'm a new CFII and with my first student on takeoff he overtook my controls and put in a hard left input and we rolled the helicopter. we were in a 44 and we were not injured and for that I am grateful. In the wake of the accident I come to realize that the flight school I went to that hired me after finishing my certs has an insurance police that I don't have enough hours to work under. After two months I took my chances and left to look for a new job realizing that getting those hours was going to be difficult without instructing. So my question is how difficult will it be to find a new school to get on with having had an accident? any guidance or advice is greatly appreciated. Now I have learned a lot and am going to change some things that I did wrong but in my search so far I have been told more than a few times that people had jobs available if I had an airplane CFi certificate. So second question if i can manage to find a way to do the add on would that be a better option than traveling the country looking for a helicopter cfi position (would it make me more marketable?)? I know this isn't an email and phone call business so id be taking a lengthy trip but if there are more jobs with airplanes would that be a better option or do I have a descent chance finding a helicopter job as i stand? I'm around the mid 200 hour dance all in robes and any help is appreciated!
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