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  1. Thank you. The only thing I don't have a hard copy of is my security packet and I don't want to fill that thing out again.
  2. For those of you that have switched recruiters, how did you get your paperwork transferred? I feel like my recruiter is too focused on putting her on packet in for OCS and is not helping me at all. It takes her two to three days to answer most of my texts and she said that is her preferred method of communication??? Do I ask her for a copy of everything or do I just talk to a different recruiter get the paperwork from her?
  3. In Missouri on the West side but willing to travel if needed.
  4. I recently graduated from college and would like to fly rotary wing in the Army. I have been working with a recruiter to put together my WOFT packet. I am needing help getting a LOR from a CW3 or higher in the aviation field. I am willing to do a phone interview, skype or travel to an Army base to assist in the process. I am a civilian and I do not know any warrant officers. Looking for help any way possible. Thank you. I scored a 78 on my ASVAB with a 114 GT. I have not taken the SIFT yet. I am waiting to hear back from Medical about my Lasik. I have been studying for the SIFT from three different guides and I am currently enrolled in Gold Seal Ground School. I am hoping to get a few flight lessons in before my packet is due to make my packet look better.
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