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  1. Grim, you would need to decide which officer corps you would want to have a career in. I know for Commissioned and Warrant you would need an age waiver. Benefit of going Commissioned is you can transfer to CW2 after, I think, 3 years of being a CPT. Warrant officers can't transfer to Commissioned I believe. I'm only a 2LT trying not to get lost, so most of this is that people have told me, I have not seen the AR on it. My friend is right behind me on the OML for my state. He will need an age waiver possibly because he is 31 right now. Definitely keep trying, you can get a waiver for almost anything, but they have to want to give you a waiver. You have some things going for you!
  2. Thank you for the advice. They are trying to get shortfalls. My unit hasn't had a Commissioned Officer shortfall in, I believe, over three years
  3. Thank you Dnr032 for that advice. I've been in the unit for 12 months so far (got selected half way though OCS) and been doing all those jobs no one wants to do. Everything from IO to OIC of ranges. Trying to learn as much about being a Commissioned Officer and a pilot before I go to Rucker. Things such as ARMS inspections, running AVCAT Sims, and the mountain of paperwork commanders deal with. I've been trying to help all of the warrants out as much as possible. Mainly to be an asset to the unit, but also try to gain some respect. I am mainly worried about the waiver for the 24mo requirement in all honesty.
  4. Yes, SBuzzkill. . . It does indeed. Have you ever seen someone experience my situation before?
  5. Well to better answer your question a few more bits of information is needed. 1, are you still active or are you guard or reserve. 2, have you already Commissioned or are you a warrant officer?
  6. To branch you put up a top 5. Depending on your state, it may not offer all branches. You have to be selected by the aviation unit in your state to even think about going aviation branch. For Aviation in the National Guard, you have to apply separately to that unit. Take your SIFT test, flight physical and wait for it to come back from Ft. Rucker approved, get the rest of you packet together and then go in front of the Aviation Commissioned Officer Board and wait for the results to be put on the OML if you are selected. The whole process takes around 1 year to complete. I have been accepted by my state's unit and occupy a 15A slot. I have been selected for about 18 months now, and probably another 18 months till I actually go to Ft. Rucker. That's why I posted my original post needing some help in the matter.
  7. I have already heard about him and I haven't even got my slot for Ft. Rucker yet!
  8. No I commissioned though OCS. The ROTC officers have a MUCH easier time getting a slot. . .
  9. I don't know about going the easier route. Perhaps that harder school you learn more? I would just want to go to the school where it would teach me the most in all honesty, hard or easy.
  10. Hello all, So I am an ARNG officer who commissioned 12 months ago. I have 24 months from my commissioning date to attend BOLC. Current flight school spot for my unit is in 12 months, but it isn't my slot (I am #2 on the OML). The current estimate is that I will go FY18. So seeing how that will put me past my 24 month requirement to attend BOLC, I have been told that my unit will have to pass up a waiver for the 24m regulation. So the question I have right now is this; Has anyone here been faced with the same issue in the careers or seen someone with it? if so what happened? People in my unit have not seen this problem before so I want to try to prepare as much as possible so I don't lose my commission and my dream of flying helicopters professionally. Thank you!
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