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  1. You can ask to move your WOCS start date. Don't miss your brother's wedding.
  2. No idea... I was originally selected in Mar 17 and placed in the Jan 18 class. They moved me up to the new Oct 17 class just recently. I'm guessing it goes by list based on your circumstances - sister service, civilian, active army, etc.
  3. No, it was just an informal confirmation from the program manager at HRC. Here's to hoping my old man knees can undertake four straight months of Armying!
  4. I was just notified today that I'll be attending the WOCS starting 30 Oct. CGMech, Your PSBCT start date should be the same as mine... 5 Sep.
  5. Do you have a flight CC? If not, the Lt Col will be your first LOR, followed by the Col. Even though the memo does not exactly explain your situation, you still use it by placing it between the two LORs in the packet. I was in a similar situation, but I had two Cols.
  6. I got it too and would like to attend, but it depends on when I graduate basic and when the actual start date of that course is. When I went to MEPS, I was put into the next available PSBCT with an estimated graduation date of 20 Oct. So, if that WOCS class began that following week I would be able to attend. They don't know what the actual start date of the course is so I had to give a "maybe" as my answer. I imagine you'll be in a similar situation.
  7. I understand! I was super anxious waiting for that e-mail.
  8. Why ask the board your original question if you're just going to ask HRC anyway?
  9. Once you get your official notification letter from HRC*, it will instruct you to see a recruiter within 10 days or so. The recruiter essentially signs you up as a new recruit and schedules you to visit MEPS. Once you get to MEPS, they will get your class date for the PSBCT that is before whatever WOCS class you're in.
  10. I uploaded them individually with a number prefix followed by the name of the document e.g. "1 - Checklist." If you keep them separate, it makes it easier to correct any mistakes by only having to submit that one file.
  11. I've had three arthroscopic knee surgeries and did not require any waivers. My initial flight physical was about 15 months after the last one. The doctor just asked a few questions to make sure I would be physically capable to do Army stuff.
  12. Prior service (other than Army and USMC) have to do the 7 week course because we don't have a WLC equivalent.
  13. This is a good question... I'm attending the prior service BCT in Sep with a projected graduation near the end of Oct. I'll have a couple of months at Fort Rucker before my Jan WOCS class. Does PT and random details fill a full workday up? Will it be possible to move my wife and household down before WOCS?
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