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  1. Honestly it's no different from college. You're going to have groups of people who "click" based on common hobbies and interests. Not everyone is an "alpha" either. Sure, strong personalities but in the end it's not going to be any different from anything you've experienced before. Best of luck.
  2. Age - 31 GT - 125 SIFT - 69 APFT - 290 Military - 12 years. Prior AF E-6 CIV ED – BS Computer Management Information Systems 3.5 GPA Flight Hours – 1,000 as an In-flight Refueling Specialist Was selected November 8th in the state of Illinois. See you ladies and gents May of next year!
  3. Well ladies and gents...tomorrow I ship out to Ft. Jackson for BCT. Going through as an E-6 (prior service AF). I will certainly let everyone know how it goes!
  4. That's awesome they let you do that. Wish my WOSM would have allowed me to do this...would have saved me a lot of pain :/
  5. Also, you can't do a Flight Physical with the Air Force. I held a class 3 Flight Physical with the Air Force (Air Guard) as an In-flight Refueling Specialist and was told by the Army I couldn't do a class 1A through the Air Force because the Army has different criteria. So instead of going through my current unit (30 minute drive) I was forced to drive 2 hours west to Ft. Leonard Wood to get an Army Class 1.
  6. So I held off a little bit on this post, as I feel my experience/views might be offensive to some. Regardless, I completed my undergrad in Computer Management Information Systems doing in-residence. I understand that is not really possible for someone who is active-duty or someone who is working full time to support their family. Thankfully being Guard, I had some flexibility and I had a maxed out Post 9-11 GI bill from time that I served. With that degree and some certifications I now work for Boeing as a Cyber Security Specialist. My point is you can still work in the aerospace/defense indus
  7. That's a little absurd. There is a girl in my state (IL) who was driven by a recruiter to get her Military Class 1W Flight Physical done and she is non-prior service. But I guess each state is a little different.
  8. Mine was on the last screen of the test. You also get an official print out with your test score.
  9. http://www.usarec.army.mil/hq/warrant/WOgeninfo_faq.shtml Also, hit Control-F and Type "AFS." You will see more in depth answers pertaining to the AFS waiver.
  10. Administrative Requirements: US Citizenship. (No Waivers)High school graduate or have a GED (No Waivers)FINAL Secret or Top Secret Security Clearance - Interim clearances will not satisfy the requirement!Pass the standard 3-event Army Physical Fitness Test (APFT) and meet height/weight standards.APFT must be current and not older than six months by the time the applicants packet will be boarded.Pass the commissioning physical for technical specialties or the Class 1 (warrant officer candidate) flight physical for Aviators.All applicants must have 12 months remaining on their enlistment contr
  11. Doc I ship 1/25/17 to Ft. Jackson. I don't have any other school days though...congrats to all who got selected!
  12. Mike, In my experience, being in the AF while I scheduled my own SIFT and Flight Physical (I know you are going through a recruiter), you literally schedule the test when you want it. There wasn't "requesting" on my end. You call the testing center (Guess your recruiter is going to set that up for you) and ask for availabilities and schedule the test. Not sure about your second question. I was under the impression most Guard units try and rack and stack your schools so there are no bubbles. Guard units try and stack your schools so you do not have to be sent home. They obviously aren't goi
  13. mike0331 I am going to be enlisting next week sometime. I will let you know how the process goes for me. I haven't seen anything in writing but I know the WOSM is building my packet for WOFT right now. I've also got the First Sergeant and lead for Recruit Sustainment Program in Illinois helping a recruiter build my enlistment packet. I went and did SIFT and got a Class 1W physical on my own from Ft. Leonard Wood. I also did all of my letters of recommendation and interviewed with the SAO (State Aviation Officer) in Illinois and received a Letter of Acceptance for the state. With that being sai
  14. So I'm prior service as well. I've been in the Air National Guard for 11 years. Illinois is saying per National Guard Bureau you cannot be "civilian" or "street to seat" as prior service. There is another candidate in the process with me who is being allowed to enlist as a 09W (Warrant Officer Corps) allowing the Army to get her school dates lined up right as she is enlisting because she is non-prior service. I on the other hand, am going to have to enlist as a 15T (Blackhawk Mechanic) and then the Army is going to FRB (Force Requirements Branch) me into 09W after I complete basic training. I
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