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  1. So, future FARA program helicopter is gona replace 64's or just add new scout chopper to Armys inventory ?
  2. From youre post it was like airframes from those list are separate to.
  3. What about 6 years of active duty limit ?
  4. The pay grades are the same for all military brances. Marine pilots can't earn more than Army ones. I had find info that USMC pilots fly 250-300 hours annualy. Just insane numbers.
  5. After 10 year ADSO , there will no way to get OCS for a flying WO, since there is a requirment - no more than 6 years on A.D. Probably, waivers might help in this.
  6. Hundreds of Ah-64Ds will be dismantled They will do it with helicopters , whick used all their flyight hours resourse ?
  7. Pardon for "necroposting", didnt want to start a new topic. Is it true that Army shrinks the number of available training slots for Army Aviation and ARNG, especially, for AH64s ?
  8. I mean, if a attack reconnaissance battalion of AH-64 will attack enemys mechanized brigade , what targets will be destroyed first and what in second and third - AA vehicles, SP artillery, IFV's &APC's , tanks ?
  9. Its interesting if the family status of currently serving candidates has some influence on the selection process ?
  10. Pardon me, if I miss some info, I wanted to ask how many times the aplicant cud apply for WOFT or the are no limit ?
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