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  1. As the election comes to a close, and a Trump presidency seems to be on the horizon, I'm interested in the political views of the military community, and how the president influences the lives of those currently serving. I myself am a Clinton supporter, more out of default than anything. I think that Trump risks ruining our international relations, both by becoming isolationist in foreign policy and ceding our hegemony in ME and Ukraine to Russia. I view him as unstable and unfit in temperament to be commander in chief. As for Clinton.....where do I begin. I think that we can run the risk of a one term clinton presidency and still manage to come out no worse or better than we were post-Obama. How comfortable are y'all with a Trump presidency and what are your unique views on the election based on your current service in the army? PS- IDK if this is an appropriate question on an informational forum, feel free to remove it if it isn't.
  2. Lol I guess. I have to stop being so squirrelly.
  3. Well..... still in high school, but I'm going to try to get some credits out of the way at my local CC this coming summer. Because of a lack of secondary education, I was hoping that this would in some way make up for the huge gap in experience. Of course If I get rejected both times my senior year, I'll go onto college for a bachelors and reapply to WOFT. I'm just trying to find small things that would give me a bit more leverage.
  4. Tell me why this is a word for word copy of the thread I posted the day before??? Like literally copy and pasted.
  5. I'm interested in being rated and improving my packet. I was just wondering which rating would be the most beneficial down the road.
  6. I'm saving up through a part time job to get a private pilot's license both for personal interest and so that is smoothens my WOFT quals a bit more. Thing is, I'm not sure whether to go for the Helicopter PPL or the fixed wing one. Obviously army aviators go helo most of the time, but I've honestly heard arguments for both. Fixed Wing- More applicable for civviesCheaper due to flight times, and school availability(like thousands cheaper)WOFT has inevitable helo trainingBoard could probably care less, just the fact that you got your PPL is greatHelicopters- ARMY AVIATION = HELOS, so get helo training(biggest one) Post license rentals are probably cheaper
  7. I would look at the pinned topics, they have extremely useful information as far as the separate tests and the board interview go. Lindsey has a good general guide under the WOFT topic. There are books for ASVAB, online tests, and guides to use. For the APFT, the tests are simple enough that you can practice each individual requirement till you get the score desired. Joining track would probably help you with the run. Doing workouts for upper body and core would help with the pushups, but honestly I would just do pushups every day and slowly increase the reps over time. Same goes for the sit-ups. Don't know much about anything else. I'm still in high school too
  8. I'm literally on the same boat as you bro. You can check out the 'WOFT Packet Timeline' topic I started 2 weeks ago. I'm also a junior in HS, who generally hates it, and would rather deal with the problems of going to WOFT early. My birthday is even 7 days away from yours, which means we are probably applying at the same time. Good luck. You don't have to choose one or the other now. Apply to both colleges and WOFT. If you get into a college you really like, accept, and like chopper said - you can just rescind it if you get into WOFT. If you get in, great, if you don't, you have college as plan B.
  9. Thanks, this really inspired me. I feel the exact same way as you do about high school. Too often these teachers preach a strict pipeline to success and discount everyone who doesn't follow it. It's almost dogmatic. High school has kind of convinced me of my need to do something unconventional, and I don't think college would fulfill that. I think WOFT allows me to combine this desire with my passion for aviation into something beneficial. Anyways, I hope that I'll be successful as you one day.
  10. I see what you're getting at, but I think the difference is that, If I have the passion to become and stay an aviator, I should be able to deal with those type of hardships and I would be motivated to do so. The only reason I have doubts about college, is not because I'm not smart or motivated enough to do it, but rather I don't like the idea of another four years in school pursuing a major I'm not yet sure of. I would rather gain some experience first and do WOFT, and come back to college later.
  11. Yea, I've been told this a lot, that enlisting straight out of high school strips me of many opportunities. The reason I want to go to WOFT straight out of high school is that I have disliked high school so far, It's just so much busy and stressful work for things I don't want to do. I don't know if I could mentally handle doing another 4 or so years of standardized education, even if it's in a field I'm interested in. However If I don't end up making WOFT, I guess I'll go through college and do either ROTC or NROTC and try to get commissioned that way.
  12. Thanks for the reply. I'll start contacting local recruiters. As for my accomplishments..well that's where I'm struggling. I'm honestly an average student with a 3.65 unweighted GPA. I will have taken 14 AP classes by the end of senior year. Act- probably a 31-33 Clubs- I'm debate VP and have done it 4 years, I've been on cross country the last 2 years, I do Model UN. Asides from that, there's nothing that really distinguishes me from both other highschoolers and current enlisted.
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