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  1. Besides, college is a blast!!!


    Well, didn't really do well or really like high school, I'm worried college is going to be worse. GPA is fine at a 3.49, definitely nothing exceptional. ACT is currently a 30. Clubs- Mock Trial, Student association, starting an armed forces club.


    I'm also not a social or outgoing, extroverted type of person, and I found HS to be really socially strainful on me. 4 years of college seems like hell.

  2. Say I did make WOFT, would I be that different from others attending there? Obviously there is going to be at least an age gap of 5 years, but in terms of my performance, leadership skills, and abilities to socialize with others, am I at that big of a disadvantage, or can I muscle through it?


    I just don't want to be one of those guys that got in because the board was feeling lenient, only to perform at the bottom of the class and be that guy no one talks to.

  3. Follow the others advice. Once you're 18 you don't need the parents consent. Do you know why they don't want you to join so bad? Are they just worried about their baby boy/girl? That's understandable but I would still support my kids dream if that was the case.

    I understand I don't need consent after 18. The problem comes if the WOFT results come out after I have to make a college decision. In that scenario I would have to pick college because of the risk I don't make WOFT. Its WOFT or college for me, direct enlistment is not something I'm not necessarily interested in. If I did do college however, I would try to do rotc/nrotc and commission as an officer.


    With my parents, It's a combination of things. Obviously they are worried about my wellbeing, but there are more idealogical reasons. My family and I are muslim, and a lot of our foreign policy involves muslim countries in which muslims are being killed as collateral damage, or their governments and countries ruined as a result of US interventionism. While I recognize this, I think it's important for me to be representative of my own faith especially against the characterization of us post 9-11, and I also hope that our focus in that area eventually transitions elsewhere.


    Didn't mean to get that deep, but its the truth.

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  4. Hey,

    I am a highschool applicant in my junior year of schooling. I'm looking to apply in my senior year for WOFT. My parents, however, are extremely strict and won't accept anything to do with the military. While advice on how to convince them is appreciated, I know they won't ever budge on the issue, trust me I've tried for at least the past year.


    If it comes down to it, I will go against their will and apply. The real question is, is parental consent required to complete the application?


    I know the answer seems like an obvious yes, but I was hoping there would be some kind of loophole.


    Another thing to consider would be my age by the time I apply. I would turn 18 in January 3rd, towards the end of my senior year. Can I apply around then, in time to accept college apps in case I get denied?


    Thanks before hand.



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