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  1. Just a little background: I graduated college this past spring, did well, got a STEM degree, and now have been looking at my options. Before I went to college (community college first) I worked for a couple years to save money to go to school. Just after finishing highschool I had smoked pot a little with some fellows, not often or a lot but, I had an unfortunate circumstance. I came to work one day at the restaurant and smelled like pot (I hadn't actually smoked that day but was in the car of friend who had). I was fired for it. On the WOFT packet it asks about previous drug usage and what-not and also past employers. The questions I have are these: 1. Should I be straight up about this? 2. Should I put down the employer and say I haven't done any illegal drugs while hoping the background check doesn't find out? I know a lot of you are going to look down upon this but it was just an unfortunate circumstance that sadly is with me now and I have to work around it. I'm an Eagle Scout, volunteer, and have worked hard in school to do well. I want to serve my country and fly but don't know if I'm sunk before the process even begins. Thank you for the input, if any.
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