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  1. Sorry for bringing this post back from the dead. I wanted to thank everyone who chimed into this thread. Honestly between what I have read here, the wars winding down (at least overseas), and my crappy run time, the wind has really been taken out of my sails. I might try for a guard unit, but have definitely shelved the idea of going active duty. Again thank you all for your honesty.
  2. That is good to know, I didn't realize things had changed. The unit aviation strength manager would seem like a "right person" to talk to, any other recommendations on the right people to talk to? BuzzKill mentioned that he averaged only about 16 hours a month throughout his career. During non-flying time, are you stuck doing staff duties? What does your schedule look like?
  3. Thanks to everyone for their input. Sorry I haven't been able to respond, started up a new job. I have been thinking a lot about the replies I got and running through my head what it would really look like if I got picked up for warrant given the information here. That's pretty crazy how little flight time that is. I shudder to what the average flight time of a commissioned officer is since they fly less than warrants. How long was your duty day in comparison to those flight hours? I take it that some time must have been devoted to mission planning/debrief, but aside from that was the rest of the time filled with collateral duties? I tried going for ANG UPT but could not get hired on. Age waivers might be a long shot but that is a possibility. As far as Army reserve/NG, last time I checked you had to be already enlisted with the unit to submit a warrant packet with them, unless something changed in the last couple of years. I enlisted in my Air Guard unit in hopes of getting on with them, but that did not happen and I would be hesitant to repeat that with the Army. Although the time to pursue a more lucrative civilian flying career while still flying in the Army would be a sweet deal if I was able to pull it off. Also the Rucker to Drum to Irwin sounds like a nightmare SBuzzKill! That pcs combo is something I do fear about going active duty. As far as bussing trays in the mess hall, my ANG unit had us take them to a dishwashing station ourselves lol.
  4. I am a 30 year old male turning 31 this July. I have been in the Air National Guard for 11 years as an F-16 Crew Chief. I've lurked on this forum for several years and am working on getting a package together. In my research into getting picked up for WOFT, I have had countless individuals both online and offline tell me how great being a warrant officer is. As someone who has always wanted to fly for the military, it seems like a perfect opportunity. However, I know from looking back on my prior service career that it isn't all the sunshine and rainbows you think it's going to be when you first sign your contract. Though I don't regret joining the military one bit, I do wish I would have paid more attention to the downsides of the job I selected. I know there are upsides and downsides you can't truly comprehend until you are in them, but I do want to be as informed as I can about what I am really signing up for, especially with what I've heard about the exodus of Army aviators leaving bonus money on the table to go fly for the airlines. My main question is what are the downsides of Army Aviation and the Army in general? In your experience are they worth the upsides?
  5. Does the year retainability apply to Air Guard Enlisted? Last I heard all you needed was a 368 signed to get the process started.
  6. I'm gonna be 30 this year and I have a tendency to push myself too hard too fast when it comes to my runs. How often should I run per week? I'm OK with doing other non-running cardio throughout the week, but I don't want to trash my body running too much (been there done that). Also how many days should I take off prior to a mock/actual PT test?
  7. I agree with Dmurray. I was in the same place you both were in having a hard time in High School. I went enlisted crew chief after my first year of college and it gave me quite the thick skin. I'm glad I got that experience, but if I had to do it over again knowing what I know now, with how things ended up turning out, I would have gone for WOFT sooner.
  8. How often would you reccomend someone run each week? I've had several times where I have gone "too hard too fast" on my runs and ended up injuring myself. How fast should you run your slow miles?
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